Zwift Academy ending - what next?


Hey all

With Zwift academy ending and after watching some online videos etc, I really need to work on improving my cardio - it seems I am really strong and could go on forever at a lower intensity, but get out of breathe when I push myself.

I am considering joining endurance lab abs was wondering whether anyone else from the Zwift community had used this platform to improve cardio and whether it worked? Any information would be great as I have 6 months to massively improve and not sure what I’m supposed to be doing hehe



@Kellie3030 The endurance lab will definitely help you with cardio as well as developing your pedal technique. When I first started using Zwift I didn’t have a clue so would just ride without really having any idea whether what I was doing would help. I had a basic level of cardio fitness from some outdoor endurance rides but struggled as soon as I tried pushing myself - particularly climbing!
I’ve now completed three endurance lab programs and am pleased to say I am the fittest I’ve been for over 20 years!!
Endurance lab has a great range of workouts that are structured to help you develop and the coaches are fantastic; they provide videos that explain what each workout is aiming to achieve and the things you need to focus on.
Give it a go - you will be hooked :grin:


Thanks Michelle :slight_smile:


Hi Kellie,
Yes, there will be weekly workouts focusing on improving aerobic capacity. @Michelle (as you can tell) experienced it first hand! So did others, including Stefanie VO2 Hollmichel. That is not a typo. @Stefanie’s middle name did become VO2!


Hahaha @Coach_Theia! I’m not sure I can claim that yet but I am getting there! It might not be a surprise to you, but it sure is to me :grin:


@Kellie3030. Hi Kellie- another Lab rat. I started using the Endurance Lab in January and can’t recommend it enough! While there are a lot of workouts and rides and races on Zwift, I wanted to do something a bit more organized. It took a little bit to get the hang of how the endurance lab works and ties everything together…the forums, videos, podcasts, coaches, and workouts. Once over the learning curve, the results have been great! I am in so much better shape. I can take turns pulling on rides in real life. I took an hour off my time at an endurance race this summer.
What I really enjoy is the community the Endurance Lab has become. Some of us meet up on Zwift and suffer (I mean encourage each other on while gasping) through the workouts together. I hope you join us. We have a good time!