WUWP 47 - The dreaded FTP test


Quite possibly the most dreaded aspect of cycling, the FTP test is crucial to having effective power based training sessions.

Join me on a deep dive into the FTP test and why it is so important. The second half of the show is dedicated to answering YOUR questions.

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Here is a recent podcast from Velonews regarding FTP. Looks like there is a heated debate about FTP.


What are your thoughts on this ? https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/the-physiology-of-ftp-and-new-testing-protocols/


Interesting article, and I absolutely agree that 95% of 20min is not a one size fits all, but it’s also not that far off.

My realistic response is that people don’t even do the 20min test because it’s long and boring, so these longer tests would likely experience even greater amounts of people not doing them due to their complexity. Granted that I’m thinking about self coached athletes, that have rather busy schedules.

I’ll be honest that I rarely do FTP tests, but instead I keep a gauge on where my fitness is relative to my FTP based on Zwift racing results, and perceived difficulty of structured workouts. Based on those two things ( and looking at what my WKO4 model says) I will adjust my FTP accordingly. It’s lazy and not that structured, but I’ve found it to be effective for me, and it avoids all the hype and anxiety around a “test”. That’s not to say I never do them, I just use them sparingly, so I don’t get burned out on them.


I should also mention that I factor in my current CTL/ATL/TSB when evaluating if my FTP needs adjusting or not. Clearly if my CTL is dropping and I’m in a detraining period, it’s dropping, likewise when I’m ramping up volume and building CTL over time, I expect workouts to get easier, and potentially start breaking some personal power records in Zwift races, those are good indicators that FTP may have gone up recently.