Which TSS to use as tracking when returning to fitness


@ELab @Coach_Ian so i am taking it easy and listening to the body and so long as i am cautious a bike or run seems to be without side discomfort. I did a fortnight of swimming to start and that just gave me epic sinus issues so screw that i will do 2 many 3 swims a week now max and sinus rinse after to prevent this happening again. But two bad head colds in two weeks isnt fun so dont want the pool giving me more. *WHAT DO THEY PUT IN POOL WATER!!!
My fitness is the lowest it has been in about 5 or 6 years, even the year i started triathlon it was better at the start!! but hey nothing like a challenge to get back. i am ok doing hour bike maybe more, i am almost up to 10km comfortably running in just three runs and the pace improves each run while in low recovery HR (6.42 to 6.15 to 6.09 today with some hills in there to give my legs a bit of work (cant run without a hill here)… its mad to watch i guess i have a lot to be grateful for that i can improve quickly.

My TSS on my TP is normally set to run TSS or powerTSS which when fit is more accurate for me i assume? but with less fitness am i better setting it to HR TSS so that i am better tracking the TSS jump each week to prevent fatigue.

Body is still tired. that med i had to take methotrexate is used for arthritis also and i feel like i have damn arthritis from it and epic fatigue but i guess that just takes time for the cell cycles to recover from the folate depletion and cell replication stall. patience and kindness!

thanks guys!!

and if anyone else out there is returning to fitness… i am here with you! its frustrating but its also a gift to get to train. many cannot


So, I would set your run TSS to hrTSS and leave the bike at TSS, which by default is power. The reason being is that I find rTSS to be only useful if you are on the same terrain and with similar weather as whatever you used to test. Elevation, heat, and wind all impact your run speed, which rTSS uses for the calculation. While I really don’t like hrTSS, it will more accurately represent your effort than will rTSS.

If it makes you feel any better, I am exhausted too. Way too much academic work and travel for work this week. Well, the travel wasn’t too much, but the poor eating, lack of sleep, and limited training that accompanied the travel was too much. I did get two good runs in, though, so it wasn’t all bad.


Thank you Ian. It’s amazing the difference in my power to heart rate currently on the bike. My body is on a mega go slow. I can’t be frustrated. That’s not productive! Just chip away at it.


My fitness and training has been lower this year too. It’s been 2 1/2 years at the “new job” and my work days with commuting are simply longer then ever before. @cullenac I also was sick on and off for 6 weeks in January and February. And that’s after having mono last fall which set me up for a much lower fitness going into th holidays.

I am now returning to balance. For the first time in years I’ve moved my workouts to after work so I can focus on waking up same time very day not extra early on workout days. So my rest is better.

Being better rested and a little less fit I’m starting to feel much better. It’s tsking weeks. I’m starting to get into work even a pinch earlier but agin same time ever day. That makes it easier to sneak out early on workout days and do it right befor dinner.

Well the point is backing off, re-evaluating trying a new approach is what it sometimes takes to approach the training at a new angle.

My goals right now are to find the balance and feel good. Get back to enjoying the process of training. Fitness strong health and the desire to crush an event will follow I’m sure.


Glad you are getting back to feeling better @Dean. It’s tough to back off the training, especially because the counterintuitive nature of it. Too often we succumb to the, “I feel good today, so I’ll just go a little harder or further than prescribed” devil on our shoulder rather than listening to the recovery angel on the other one. Good job at sticking to it!