Where to find all the videos?

Hi, sometimes, during warmup or cool relax Z2 ride on Zwift, i like to watch video from the ODZ quads or particulary, those from the Lab. But, like Theia said, facebook is hard to finding back those video.
Sure, i can listen the podcast where i’m registered to any new audios but, that could be very cool to have same about the video.
Is there a place where we can easily found those? Justin posted his WUWP here but what about all the others?
Maybe there’s a app or something to be member to be alerted. Could you share it?


Maybe we could create a sub-folder here to every categories of videos created by ODZ and Lab crew members?

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The best way to get these notifications would be to Subscribe to the respective channels on YouTube:

TeamODZ YouTube Channel
Endurance Lab YouTube Channel

Here is a quick video on how to subscribe to a YouTube Channel:

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I will put the videos up in a sub-folder, Stephane. They will be hosted on the YouTube site, though.

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Awesome! I’ve add those 2 channels in my list.

Found them and watching them now. Cool!

I am part of the Macca x group and on the left side of our members page they have video of all the exercise and yoga workouts that way you can play it and do the workout at anytime it really helps if you are unsure of what to do ts like having a virtual coach

@Steph004, if you like one of the replies as an “answer” to your original question, you can click the checkbox icon on that reply and designate that your question was answered. This allows others who see this question later to know that an answer has already been found and they can quickly find the answer.

See this screen capture for where this checkbox icon is at:

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I don’t know about anyone else but You Tube drives me bonkers that videos stop if you click over to another application, such as Zwift (on my phone, anyway). Short of paying, is anyone aware of a setting that will prevent that scenario? Thanks!

Unfortunately I do not believe there is a solution to prevent this on a mobile device…

Time to redo the workout Ian! Practice makes perfect!

I know. The music is copyright free and someone flagged it. Unfortunately Matt, I’m in better shape now than when I did that video. It’s just going to make you feel worse about yourself.

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