What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


And just like that, the debut of my CX bike goes to crap. I’m down sick. Felt crappy yesterday and didn’t get better by today. This is why people shouldn’t have to endure temperatures below 60 degrees F. Next weekend I will get two races in, at least.


Oh no @Coach_Ian! Hope you feel better soon!


@Coach_Ian Rest, rest, and get well quickly. I was at a meeting on Thursday and 3 people were coughing around me. It seems colds are starting early this year.


CX race #3 in the books, and just like that, Cyclocross became my main cycling event(s) of 2018 without any planning. I never thought I’d like it so much. I had my biases about how awful it would be to get off the bike and do some of the crazy things people do in CX. Just shows how trying new things can open a completely new path.


Who mounts in the middle of the course? You should have plowed that one racer over or at least thrown an elbow. Ridiculous.


Yearly Turkey Trot Run is in the books. Run is in the shape of a turkey.


I like it. Very cool.


That’s great!


I was reminded by the weather here today–1 C and drizzling–that my event is 19 weeks away!! I’ve ridden it before in similar conditions; hoping for better in 2019. Here’s a nice shot that popped up on my social media today:

@Coach_Ian I think you would be particularly inspired by these conditions.


Uggh…that looks horrible




I love it! My type of race. The racers are too clean.