What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


Wow! Beautiful! Glad you got out and raced!


My A race this year was Ironman 70.3 Victoria, BC on Sunday. I used @Coach_Ian Long Course Plan which worked out very very well. The plan dropped in seamlessly into the previous Endurance Labs I did. I finished the lab and then started the Long Course Plan at Week #3.

This is the first time to use a watts based plan and race using watts (vs by perceived perception and heart rate). I was not as wiped out at the end of the cycling segment and this race had hills. I seemed to be more efficient on the bike. Which translated to fun!

I had thought I would take 8 hours (cut off is 8.5 hours). Instead I finished in 7:35 hours. The race had 1330 participants. I came in 14 out of 18 (who finished) in my ladies 60-64 age group. Thanks @Coach_Ian! Here are a few pictures. Tina


You look like you were having fun! Way to go @goldendogy! Really well done!:tada:


@goldendogy. Way to go! You are smiling through it which is truly the most important part! You did better than you expected too!


@petals Full disclosure - There were times I was not smiling and it wasn’t pretty, but I didn’t post those. Most parts it was good. Tina


Congrats Tina!!! The hard work paid off!


you rock!! look at these happy smiles! and yes… not all parts of the run especially are fun; but way to go you did awesome


who is up next racing?? after a bit of a time out that i hadnt anticipated this weekend i am running a forest half marathon (cannot wait!!) and on sunday doing a bike event in the wicklow mountains (first time doing 100km); excited (and anxious about the bike legs after the half marathon but am planning to run by feel and not trash the muscles).


I can’t wait to hear how you do this weekend. Have fun at both events.


Great job, Tina! You killed it.


Big training weekend here! Did my half marathon Saturday on instructions of training pace but it was SUCH fun; ran a 1:43 with almost perfect splits so very happy. and then on sunday we did this beast http://www.wicklow200.ie/ a HIGHLY recommended big well run event. Here is a nice video…sure you know you want to come and visit me in Ireland now!!

I did the 100km and Garron the 200km. to put perspective garron best time for ironman bike is 4:22 in texas (marginally short) and today took about 7:45! and my 90 km distance is about a 2 hr 55 and i took 4.5 hours… brutal hills haha but wow the scenery. I have no excuse for my legs they werent too bad after yesterday.

in the feedbag i had boiled baby potatoes, parmesan cheese (so happy I did because it was salty and with the 3 am wake up call and long drive and i forgot my salt chews), nougat and dates. I probably under ate but felt good from a lot of food last night. water with some salt, water and a few sups of carb drink but didnt want it as preferring the potatoes… the potatoes were super… no funny gel tummy :slight_smile:

thats my first time doing 100km and i am pretty hopeful the next route will be easier!

2 t-shirts and 2 medals thats a successful training weekend :slight_smile:

who got up to fun this weekend (training / racing fun :joy: )


I did the Pacific Crest Olympic Triathlon this last weekend. The Endurance Labs and doing the 70.3 race earlier this month left me with lots of endurance in the tank. I had a hiccup with the electric shifting on the bike. I was stuck in one gear. The heat was getting to me reaching 94 degrees on the run. Here are a few pictures. T1 is 30 miles out in the mountains. T2 is in Sunriver, OR. Tina


Wow! Well done!


Thank you Endurance Lab, living up to the name. I had a 100mile sportive this weekend which was only going to be a training ride as I was meant to be riding it with a friend who was much slower. I had decided to ride the hills hard and then wait for him. This idea was thrown into disarray when he decided to ride the medium route instead and do the 100km route instead.

So the day started well, I felt I went out a bit hard, first 2 hours at 0.9IF, the route had no long climbs but loads of small steep hills, up and down all day. NP was 40w higher than average power! It all went a little wrong at 55km when I was directed onto the wrong course by a marshal and ended up on the 100km route rather than the 100 mile route. I did not realise the mistake until 20km later when turning round was not really an option. I was so annoyed. After a bit of a hissy fit I pushed on and finished the ride with an IF of 0.85 which was way higher than I had planned.

So the positives is the weather was awful, about 3 hours was in heavy rain, and I still felt fresh when I finished. So I grabbed a coffee and then headed back out onto the course to find my friend. Did an extra 45km at an easy pace. So did not get the 100 mile, but close. Sitting here this evening I feel much better than the last time I did 100miles, September last year!

So despite not doing 100 miles since September and only doing 100km a couple of times since then I managed to complete the ride strong. So Zwift and the Endurance Lab works, but maybe I need to work on my observational skills rather than trusting the big flashing arrows of Zwift to tell me which way to go!!!


That’s great, Andy! 3hs in heavy rain is even more draining, because it requires even more attention/energy. And it sounds like you had your nutrition on point as well!


This is awesome, Tina! Way to go.


Whats next for people? How is racing nutrition working?

I’ve my first 70.3 distance this weekend although the bike is long at 95km because they clearly want us to do the entire hill at the turnaround! river swim, bike into beautiful Connemara, and 4 loop run through galway university grounds. should be fun. Garron racing also. So I guess this makes a goal of mine to at least start running before he is finished!!

its going to be another hot one, yay!


Good luck Andrea and be mindful of the heat - I did a 140km sportive yesterday (Velo Wales) and it hit 30c which made for a pretty hard ride; I made good use of the extra water stops and the friendly locals who took pity on us overheating cyclists and topped up water bottles…


You’ll do great @cullenac!

I have a 24-hour “race” (organizers say it isn’t a race but there is a leader board so that makes it a race in my book) on August 10/11. I’m starting to work out the food. It’s on a 4.8 mile course with additional short “vacations” (checkpoints off the main course) announced the day of the event. They have some support but I’m mostly on my own. My husband will be able to meet me at course checkpoints with supplies. I plan on eating only real food, no bars or gels. I will have an electrolyte bottle and refills in addition to regular water. But how much food should I plan on needing and what should I consider in deciding what that food should be?


do you have a photo of the bike route, ill bet it was so pretty!? isnt the weather utterly nuts.