What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


Meh, he’s gone. He raced here in DOM in 2016 and wasn’t a factor.


did you smoke him?


No. I met him. He got sick the next day and didn’t participate in the crit. It was a pro race, so I wasn’t racing. He finished way off the front, though. Even on climbing days. I was a bit disappointed. Seemed like a nice guy, though.


Wow! Sounds like some pretty ambitious and exciting events planned. Not for me this year. The last two years were pretty energetic so I’m having an off-year and doing the back-to-basics thing. I’ll probably do one or two local standard distance tri’s just to keep my hand in.


I was thinking of doing RAMROD or the Tour of Park City, but I think I’m going to do The Punisher instead. The last 7.5 miles climbs Powder Mountain which is listed as number 12 in the U.S. according to PJAMMcycling.com.


I want to do Mt. Evans one of these days. I considered the Memorial Climb, but it is just a bit further than I wanted to travel this summer. Maybe next year I’ll take an entire week to go over there so that I can do Pikes Peak as well.


That will test you mate!


Hi all, i joined the Kraken club to race for ODZ in the Uk,first year racing like Andy J,I’m 43 and want to prove people wrong about being 40ish. First race in March, lots to learn but looking forward too it. P.S does anyone know When ODZ is registered with British Cycling can we time trial also. Maybe the pyrenees later in the year.
Some very inspirational people on the forum.


Hi Gary,

BC club application is ongoing. I don’t believe it would be an issue to race any BC sanctioned TT, but we have struggled to get a club registered with the main TT racing body the CTT, as part of their commitment to sign up as a club was to agree to run a local TT event. Which it is not really possible for us to do.

What part of the country are you based in? What races are you targeting?


Hi Andy, I’m based in Derbyshire near Matlock, to fit around work there are crit races in the Midlands. I like to travel so may pack my van and travel around to other races. I have held off getting a race licence, so i can register as an ODZ rider. I was thinking of posting on ODZ to see if in the summer, we could get an IRL ODZ uk ride somewhere, if people could make one, But as i’m fairly new didn’t know what response it might get.


Make sure to check your B12 and Iron levels a good month before this so that you have it for O2 carrying capacity. you may also need more carbs and electrolytes to fuel this as will be higher intensity based on the O2 demand. the athletes here sleep in altitude tents for acclimation!! eleutherococcus is also helpful i believe. wow amazing Theia i bet it will be stunning


Not loads of ODZ in the UK, but a few. Problem is we are all geographically spread out. Worth a shout later in the year when the weather is nice. Derbyshire/Peaks would be a nice place to ride


hell of the west, some cool pics on flickr http://limericktriathlon.com/?page_id=42
and this is lough cutra and its such a fun event. they run childrens triathlons too and they are hilarious (and fierce!!) https://www.castletriathlonseries.co.uk/the-series/lough-cutra-castle/ check this amazing little guy out he has CP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JPqdDJubeoQ and he makes me cry every time!


many thanks for this Andrea!


I just want to do ALL the things… So I am, ha. Mostly, for fun.

Canyonlands half marathon, Moab
Cycling camp w my team, Moab
Several Sprint tri’s - one off-road/SUP, maybe Xterra’s
A few TTTs, MTB race or two
Big backpacking days

Big push is for the local cyclocross circuit, Boulder

  • First season racing 40+ against all types of champions. Just trying not to be DFL.



Angie- this will be an exciting season. Even better when doing it for fun, no pressure.


I am doing Rasputista in April. This year I am doing a few endurance gravel races and xc mountain bike racing in New England. I have a 65 mile mountain bike race in August. Still putting my race schedule together with my husband and friends. Our motto is “Fit, Fun, Finish!”


With the Evil Elf Himself, and a few cherished others - off to Denmark, in July, to race the ITU World Championship Long Course Triathlon.


Off to Denmark in July for the ITU world Championship long course triathlon with Coach Ian Murray ,Seth and a few other athletes


Oh bother. I hadn’t set myself up for notifications from the forum. Didn’t realise there was as much UK British cycling chat.
On that - we’re registered and paid up so anyone who joins BC can and should affiliate to Team ODZ now. Sorted. Andy J and I are the two contacts for the club now basically … I’ve got it set up for now and morenin that later now that we can affiliate.