What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


Wow Kev! This will be a blast!


Wow @cullenac! Do you have links to these?



Beech MTN Metic for me.

It was really tough last year, especially finishing at the top of Beech Mountain. Not sure if you know that climb, but one of the hardest in our area.


Not riding across Wisconsin again? :slight_smile:

Mt Evan sounds like a fantastic race! Do you have to arrive early to acclimate?


Oh @Coach_Theia! That’s a good one! :nerd_face:


No… It was fun, but really it’s just a long ride. I am shifting focus and targeting shorter (and harder) events to keep things interesting. I am told that I have to either arrive a week earlier to acclimate, or arrive the day before to trick the body before it realizes what’s going on :laughing:


I’m looking to sign up for a few sportives but my main focus is the Prudential Surrey 100; I took up cycling at the end of 2016 when I lost my Dad to cancer - I rode the Surrey 100 last year in memory of my Dad and raised lots of money for his cancer charity. It was a really emotional time and I had so much focus on my Dad that I didn’t get to experience the event for what it was. This year I want to do it for myself and enjoy the experience.


@Kev-stephen, that looks like an epic but fun day. I would love to get out there to do that.

@Michelle, that’s great that you will get to do the same ride again. Hopefully, this time you can find a little peace during the ride, knowing how much good you did from it last year.

As for me, my only target race is the International Triathlon Union Long Course Triathlon World Championships in Odense, Denmark. It is a 3K swim, 120K bike, and 30K run, so it’ll be a longish day. My goal is under 7 hours. Maybe faster depending on conditions. I will need to pull off the 120K in under 3:30 and run the 30K in under 2:15 to have a shot at a faster time. I am pretty sure that I will be out of the water in about 55 minutes or so.


Ian you’re nuts :wink:


Says the guy climbing Mt. Ventoux.


Well done you Michelle, I did it last year but it’s a one off with the logistics of it all.


My A race this is Tulsa Tough. Three days of crit racing, never been there before so it’ll be an experience either way I come up at the end of the weekend. There are smaller races leading up to that but that’s the big one for me this year. Also maybe trying to defend my title as national gravel champion in April.


Wow, well done Champ


Nah. Merely indicates lack of any form of sense. Half the legs and lungs and half the brain power … lol


That’s awesome … go Ian !!


Sweet. Smash it. Sounds like a pretty nice ride.


Not racing under their real names!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: Shh…don’t tell CVR about that!


I’ve got several races planned throughout the season, about one every two weeks on average, but there are 2 big ones that look like they will happen this year:

  1. Redlands Cycling Classic
  2. Cascade Cycling Classic

Honestly these events are way bigger than anything I’ve done before, and just typing them here is making my heart rate jump up 10bpm. These will certainly be classified under “see how long you can hang on” rather than “how well can you do”. Just take a look at the names of past winners at Redlands in the link above, I bet you’ll recognize some.


Well, Phil Gaimon is a retired old guy now, so no worries there. Paco Mancebo is probably banned for something. Dal Cin is old news. He’s not you. I have faith that you can hang. Maybe you can get in a break or two.


umm. wow?!

@Coach_Ian you forgot Chris Horner. My HR just went up 10bpm looking at the previous winners.