What is your main cycling or triathlon event/race for the year?


I invite you to share the main event(s) you have planned for 2018! Whether you are doing an event for the first time, or coming back to an event you have done before, let’s include them here so that (i) others who might still be planning their season can gather ideas; and/or (ii) someone who has done or is doing the same event can share their experiences/ask questions!


Great idea!!
Lough Cutra middle distance triathlon in May. the venue is a castle with a lake swim, bike route of 94Km with a nice corkscrew hill in the Burren, and a half half run through forest, fields and roads. Its is beautiful and sore. and i always dread the first drowning of the year in freezing water. I have to build up from a few minutes to the full swim in the weeks before it is so damn cold

Then its June for an Olympic tri called hell of the west, its not a beginners race. rough harbour swim, nice enough hilly bike and a straight up onto the cliffs and then down hill 10km run that is stunning.
Sept: Ironman 70.3 world champs in PE South Africa. No idea how i managed to get into this race that will be a mental test to say the least. I am trying to manifest a TT bike currently as I am still on my beginners road bike… but hey. I still qualified!!

Might do a few road running races in between these events.

here are some pics… if anyone ever tempted to do some stunning races in ireland in any type of weather conditions.

I did my first triathlon here. they say its not for beginners. I was lucky i was a strong swimmer the sea is brutal. we dont have waves in ireland; just relentless chop.

these are the cliffs in kilkee, there is a road looping along them and we run this. it hurts :slight_smile:


we got misted out of it two years ago and had to do a duathlon :slight_smile: but i won my AG so was delighted.

fun and fun. Looking forward to the season.


I guess I’m going with this one - The Kokopelli Trail. The MTB skills required for this are way beyond what I’m capable of today. But it’s in September so I have time to prepare.


I have already spoken about this on here already but for the benifit of newer people, I am not doing any events this year but instead going to the south of France at the end of April.The amazing thing is, this is with 9 people I have met on zwift and they are coming from all over Europe.


Sorry link did not work.


I don’t have a specific event, only booked 1 Sportive. Normally do 2-3 a year. That is 107miles(173km), 10,090ft(3072m) of elevation. It will be a monster, for me, in regards of climbing. It is all short climbs, longest is 300m. So will be up and down all day. But is not a priority and will be riding it with a slower friend. So more an experience rather than a ‘goal’.

My main goal this year is at the age of 40 to start racing IRL for the first time. Inspired by Zwift and my TeamODZ teammates I am going to try racing. In the UK everyone starts as Cat 4 and majority of races available to that grade are Crits. So the aim will be to get enough points to upgrade to Cat 3 this year. I am probably strong enough to do this, but tactical and group riding skills will be lacking.


In general my main focus when it comes to riding IRL is on endurance events with lots climbing. So two of the most popular events in Europe are the Maratona dles Dolomites (138km, 4230Hm, [http://www.maratona.it])(http://www.maratona.it)) and the Ötztaler Radmarathon (238KM, 5500 Hm, [http://www.oetztaler-radmarathon.com]). Last year i did the Martona for the third time and finished with PB. So it’s time to add the Ötztaler to my palmares in 2018. Ötzi is scheduled at the 2nd of September, which is quite late in the season. So periodization will be a real challenge for me. Currently my “Road to Ötzi” will hopefully look like this:

20/05/2018: Rhön Radmarathon (258 km, 4700 Hm)
03/06/2018: Glocknerkönig (Uphill TT on Austrias highest mountain, 27Km, 1700 Hm)
08/07/2018: Engadiner Radmarathon (Switzerland, 214Km, 3827Hm)
29/07/2018: Arber Radmarathon (local event, 250Km, 3750 Hm)

So quite a challenge for me. Everything below 9 hours for the Ötzi would make me happy and i am sure the lab will take me one step closer to reach my goals!


I think id get distracted by the views. Congrats on the AG win


Nice. I have a friend who has done the Maratona 10 times(I think). On my bucket list


I’m trying crit racing for the first time ever this spring. Aside from the usual gravel rides/races and century rides I like to do my main event is a 24-hour race in August, the Powderhorn 24. The whole thing takes place in Minneapolis and you can race it seriously or treat it as a rolling party. You can race solo or as a team and people riding as a team usually set up tents along the Greenway for camping. Most people don’t race under their real name, instead there is Auntie Banana and Are You My Uber Driver. I’ll be racing solo. I have no idea yet what my race name will be. That almost seems harder to me than being on my bike for 24 hours!


Maratona is highly recommended! Really great event, stunning landscape, organization etc. In my oppinion one of the best european events for sure!


Kev - that is amazing. Flipping awesome to look fwd to !!


MTB for me this year … I’m gonna do a nice warm MTB endurance event … oh, oops I’ve done it.
Strathpuffer 24, 24 hours of snow and ice in the north of Scotland.
Everyone … it’s worth a look. Honest :slight_smile:
It’s January, 17 hours of darkness, and somewhat testing conditions. Book yourself in for 2019 …


Thats my kind of riding Andy, rolling hills. I’m sure you’ll meet cat 3 this year but take care m8 as they can be pretty wild at times. So i have been told by my pals.


Jealous of your Ventoux trip. I have been told it is actually doable in a day if you fly out to the nearest airport. Again is on my bucket list, when the kids are older and can be left behind. Take the wife on a weekend away. She drinks wine and I climb Ventoux. Obviously more fun with others though


I must be multi talented then as i do both. Maybe not at the same time right enough.


For my main event I have my eyes on racing up Mt. Evans in Colorado. 30 miles and 7,000 feet of climbing to over 14,127 feet above sea level – it’s the highest paved road in the US. Now I just need to figure out how to deal with my altitude sickness!


Other events this year are two 100K gravel races in the Spring (Rough Road 100 in IL and Barry Roubaix in MI), a few crits for the first time at the Intelligentsia Cup (http://intelligentsiacup.com/), and a TT or two.


That’s awesome Stefanie! How about Book worm? :slight_smile:


I am always amazed by riders like you, who venture out on these conditions!


These are fantastic!