What is your go to protien source


Almond butter and eggs are at the top of my list and a 1/4 cup on mixed nuts on the drive home makes sure I’m not making crazy dinner decisions.



My main source of protein is beans, mostly garbanzo and black beans but I also include white, red, pinto, and kidney beans. Also lentils and peas. Yum.

For snacks, I have really been into buying a big container of unsweetened soy yogurt and then mixing up little snack size jars (about baby food size) with yogurt, chia, pepitas and a little dried apricot or cranberries. Its a perfect afternoon snack at work. On the fly, I’ll have a few almonds or cashews.


Eggs, turkey, and chicken. Is there protein in beer? Asking for a friend.


for your friend @Coach_Ian


But that is just a UK product, though, unfortunately.


Peanut butter, almond butter, eggs, protein powder in smoothie (Vega or whey) daily.
Some beans, salmon, tofu, and chicken during the week. An occasional steak if go out for dinner.


Today my protein will be fish. Not sure which one, but it will probably be salmon. Maybe beer, too. But that’s carb replenishment from my run today.


Where is @AndyJ when you need him


Letting us down, as usual.


Eggs is my favorite. But I’ll eat lean meats and fish as well. So my main sources of protein are form animals. Wow, that actually sounds a little barbaric.