What is your christmas season weak spot?


Chip in everyone and all going well we can give feedback, tips and more on next weeks coaches corner and here on the forum

answers can be training and nutrition related… or both…

some fun https://www.triathlete.com/2013/12/features/triathlife-family-holiday-etiquette-guide_91890?fbclid=IwAR2S6ZcjTm82Vmuw8W2bpLYN7s4H6JWj3akWckyUQQPZ17SLPpTNhjlFJGQ


I’m lucky for training as I don’t have children, but I have a great wife, nutrition goes out with beer, I hardly drink because of work, but 5 days off and I can’t help a beer or two.


The seemingly endless array of cookies and squares that people make: “it would be impolite not to have one (of each variety).


Gary, I think you are underestimating the effect of not having children. Because we don’t have those little monsters screaming to be taken to and fro, we get involved in many things that take away from our training time. Plus, we don’t have people to do the chores, so it’s left to us.

My Christmas weakness is the cold weather. Ok, it’s actually the cookies, wine, beer, cola de mono, pisco sour, amazing steaks (I’ll be in Chile over Christmas), and pretty much all of the good stuff that I don’t see on a normal basis. That’s why I plan on running 100K per week while there.


Cookies and more cookies is the weakness. Which leads to not eating well, not getting enough protein and so on. This year I put the cookies at the back of the freezer which worked. Although, the chocolates are at the front of the freezer. I have eaten most of the chocolates.

I can find time for training during the holidays as family is local and not at the house. If I am at my sister’s house, I will go out and run before anyone is up. I come back and they are eating breakfast looking at me oddly.

One year we were in Hawaii and the family came. I arranged to rent a bike and go group biking 3X. I got in the hot house with the adult kids as I was gone all day (with the rental car!). Ouch. The hubby was fine with me biking. He did the 1st road bike ride with me in tennis shoes (he doesn’t road bike) and had a good time, but that was enough for him. Tina