What are your why's


Let us know when you need face pictures of the coaches, so you can get us put on your forearms. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


These are awesome, Michelle!! Makes me want to get one…


@Michelle Loved seeing the pictures of the tattoos and the symbol for your Dad being a robin with a heart.


Robins are so precious; i am convinced that they are loved ones also. the other day i was feeling pretty low and as i ran two robins swooped down in front of me and mad as it sounds i just thought that my two grans were there saying buck up, fly on, keep shining all is well :slight_smile:

many clients i see have their little symbols shown by loved ones. i was coming to work about two months ago and a little white feather flew in my path. i picked it up and put it in my pocket as knew it meant something. the following day i had a lovely client and we got to talking about her dad that had passed away the year before. i knew he had this big energy and I asked her, do you feel him. she said yes. i am always seeing these little feathers. so i pulled the little white one out of my pocket and said like this… :heart: it was a special moment. the universe is always trying to show us love

I have a dolphin tattoo on inside of my left hip, he is very old now. 22 years old!! typical young love, i was dating a swimmer and had been a (sort of) swimmer as a kid so i got a dolphin. actually was hilarious. I was in uni in cardiff, and back then no one got tattoos only the big lads, so i sat in the tattooist parlor for 6 hours braving up the courage watching giant welsh men come out covered in blood with welsh dragons and all sorts on them. i was terrified, but didnt quit haha. it took me about ten years to show my parents!!



Love these @michelle… I also have strong beliefs about Robins. I’ve had so many situations where a Robin has been so close in times of stress and sadness… from numerous times when fixing punctures on a winters day only to find I have one flitting around the bike to when we buried our lovely dog and one was on the decking right next to us, so still, just watching. Whether it is coincidence or not they bring great comfort so how lovely to constantly have that image with you every day. I really like that idea. :heart_eyes: