What are your why's


i am not the mental skill guru, disclaimer!!

if ok giving a nudge for us all to have a think


Sooooo thought provoking @cullenac. I actually found the video really emotional for me as it hit a few nerves! But brilliant, thank you. As crazy as it sounds my biggest why now is ‘because I can’ and I guess that stems from feeling so so lucky to have the health, fitness and amazing family support when training gets tough. But I just love, love, love triathlon and cycling and am so very grateful for it and what it brings to my life and I’m not just talking the health benefits. It’s the amazing people you meet along the way, many totally inspiring, it’s being able to give support and accept support, it’s the laughter and sometimes tears it brings… ah there are just so many reasons why I do these amazing sports! Thank you again for a great though provoking article. :blush:


hand on heart the people have changed me too. I met Garron in 2014 after a tough 4 years single (after divorce to a not so great narcissist that broke me) and he was only in Ireland for a few months working and making the most of the long days and bright evenings for training for Kona. Thank god for his confidence and knowing what he wanted in his life because he chased, and took me to Kona and then stayed in Ireland. In kona i was immersed in triathlon world at the elite end. I am not actually intimidated by athletes but i was awed by their hard work it was also full circle as my first sports client back in 2004 was a kona finisher! I have been to kona twice and have no desire to get there because the conditions are brutal and i battled the heat a little for my training but maybe one day there is an ironman in me!

anyhow a few months after we met he said i should do a 70.3. so i believed for once that i could andin 6 months i did austria in 6 hours from scratch. so it is possible!. you are so correct in all you say and i resonate deeply. it is a life changer, a lesson giver, a friend maker and a balance challenge!! we are so so blessed to have the fitness to do this sport and as we have learnt along the way the opportunity to love and respect ourselves in the process.

i also love this super group of people on the endurance lab.


Ah wow, what a fabulous story and again so inspirational. How amazing that you met Garron. Hope a few others post up their whys it would be great to read! I too have the full on my bucket list and know the only way I’ll do it is with the support from fellow athletes, family and the Endurance Lab… but that’s a great feeling! :+1::+1:


just saying… but ironman Italy looks a lovely race! Garron did it last year and we had a great trip.



Oh @cullenac, this was lovely, thank you! I agree with you and @s.j.king about how amazing and inspirational so many people are. I am forever awed and humbled and encouraged. I am an introvert and a bit shy on top of that so sometimes people are hard for me but this wonderful community has been nothing but welcoming and has gotten me to move outside my comfort zone so often that it is starting to get a little easier.

I got my road bike three years ago this past spring because I had been bike commuting to work and decided I liked it enough to want to do more. But besides the “it’s fun!” aspect, I wanted to be stronger. My husband has MS and while he his fully mobile and doing great, it might someday be otherwise. I am the runt in a family of tall, strong people who never encouraged me to be strong because to them I was so little and a girl and good in school so there was no need. I am stronger than I have even been in my life and it feels great and makes me want to keep getting stronger. Sometimes there is a battle in my head between me and the years of my family telling me I am too small (they still do now and then) but I refuse to give up or give in because now I am curious to know how strong I can get and what exactly I am capable of. I also feel more confident and capable in general, freer.

This has all happened in midlife and sometimes I wish I had discovered all this sooner. But I found it when I was ready to and I look forward to cycling the rest of my life and maybe even finding a few more whys in the process.


Ooooo will take a look… currently torn between Barcelona and Switzerland but hadn’t thought about Italy, thanks!


@Stefanie this is just so great to hear about your background and inspiration… like you I came into triathlon quite late in life and also wondered whether I could have achieved more if started sooner but in reality it just wouldn’t have happened due to life at that time. Also coming from a family of all boys apart from my Mum the Sport encouragement was definitely kept for them… ironically I leave them for dust now! :rofl::rofl: So I figure let’s grab it now and enjoy every moment and like you say I think we’ll constantly be finding whys along the way and hopefully the strength to keep improving. :+1:


Yes! Yes! Yes!


Our why’s are definitely important. In my late teens and early 20’s I was 250 lbs, burned out and self medicated with food and alcohol. I had severe anxiety and depression that was debilitating. I decided to get help and get my life back. After processing many dark times in my life I decided that I wanted a healthier life. I made many adjustments in my diet and activities. I didnt want to go to the gym because that felt like work so I found activities like softball and basketball that were fun and what I considered free workouts. That worked well for me into my early 30’s and I was able to get down to 180 lbs.6 years ago I made the transition to cycling and have not looked back. It is something that is fun and easy on my body. As someone that is an introverted and a empath it serves me well to go do things on my own to recharge. I love to push myself and see how far I can go and improve. I did my first century ride last year and plan on riding 3000 miles this year. I dont have any major events on the calendar but I am trying to enjoy the journey. My only current hang up is that when I am done with work at the end of the day I am spent and feel like I need to recharge before I ride bike. I hope to get past this hurdle soon.


wow i LOVE this!! i can relate. on so many levels. I dont like labels but i dont know another way to say empath. I cannot imagine how tough it is to be this sensitive and male; its tough enough being female and sensitive. this world isnt the easiest for those that feel it. i hope you feel incredibly proud of your journey!

that end of day recharge. I wonder can you find a couple of moments during the day to do micro charges? so that you dont feel so depleted at the end of the day. Can you structure in this ‘space’ to get away from the chaos and connect back into your endless internal energy? find nature or music or what works for you?

I am fortunate that i can train in the morning (ramp up my energy) and start my work day at 1230 or thereabouts and then work through until 8 /9. and also i can choose to work from home or in the office. actually i think i have created many things that make it easier. such as living a quiet life, and then i can give my clients 110% and then bolt again!! i am sure we will chat about this!

you open doors for others so to speak :slight_smile: eventually life makes sense.



oh i get this!!! imagine how long we all limited ourselves with false beliefs… no more :slight_smile: its a fun journey


Great thread Andrea! I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting in the last year or so. Between multiple seasons squashed by various injuries, the joys and tribulations of raising kids, working on growing TeamODZ and the Endurance Lab and trying to figure out what I want to do in my everyday work life there’s been a lot going on.

I’m a naturally competitive person. When I first got back into cycling it was to lose weight and for health. Then along came triathlon and then running. My efforts quickly morphed into competing against others and myself. A constant refrain from my super spouse was why can’t you just exercise for health. Why does it have to be driven for competition?

As I age into my late 40s with everyone I have going on I’ve begun to refocus a bit and am looking for the joy in what I do. I still need to train and I still like to be competitive. Still want to find a way to BQ some day and maybe complete my first Ironman. But for now the why is to have fun, de stress and be active with friends and family. Maybe its a ride with friends or a run with my daughter. Or staying in shape so I can enjoy walking around great cities.

I think whats really interesting is that the why changes and thats okay.


@Mark_J I have to do my workouts at night after work too and I can relate to feeling like you need a recharge before riding. My solution is to bike commute at an easy pace or I take the metro train and bus and spend my time quietly reading in my own little bubble. I have no children but I have animals (cats and chickens) and spending a few minutes with them when I get home helps too. I usually do my workouts around 7 and more often than not have regained enough oomph to get them done. I pretty much don’t schedule anything else in the evenings. I find when I do I get too stressed out especially if they involve people and needing to be somewhere at a certain time.

Congrats on your first century last year! And good luck reaching your 3000 mile goal this year!


@cullenac, I hate labels too. I figured in this arena it would be ok since we don’t know everyone so well :slight_smile: I have to say it has been a challenge but I am trying to continue to learn how to use it and NOT take on other peoples stuff. I used to always think I was feeling a certain way when it was actually someone else in the room. I am very happy with how far I have come and hope to be able to share it and give hope to others.

As for recharging I havent found anything that has worked yet except for a good old nap. As much as I love naps I dont want to take one every day. There used to be a time that I didnt need them ALL the time but the season I am in right now feels like I do. I am definitely open to trying other things if that means I have more time and am recharged. I know what you are saying with opening doors for others. It feels like a never ending thing but it brings me joy. Sometimes I just want to do my own thing…haha.

You are definitely fortunate to have your schedule but I am sure you have put in your time to get where you are now. I am so glad to hear you are in a good place :slight_smile:


@Stefanie, I am glad to hear that I am not alone in how I feel or do things. I would rather workout right away when I get home but I am just spent. I hope to figure out some ways to get around this so I can have more evenings to do something other than sleep…haha. I would commute via bike but its not super bike friendly to ride to work. I did it a few times last year but this year my route is tore up in 3 or 4 areas and i dont feel like looking or alternate routes. :slight_smile:


We’ll be covering the “Whys” this week on Coaches Corner. We’re all a bit different in our approaches, so I think you guys will enjoy it. I bet mine is a bit predictable.


Too bad about your route to work not being friendly @Mark_J. I hope you are able to figure out something that works for you and helps you rejuvenate!


I was a competitive athlete growing up and through college. I started cycling and mountain biking in the 90’s. My exercise routines slowed down while raising a family/ shuffling kids to and from and working rotating days and shifts for work.
My kids are now in college and I’ve been able to have more time for myself. I was not going to be a sad empty nester. I needed to find things that I liked.
A couple years ago, I became ill and had to leave my work. While I was physically ill and in pain, it was the depression that almost killed me. My brain shut down and I could not see colors, feel pain, hot or cold, or taste food. I was in a state of nothing. (Believe me, I am not normally like this. I am an energetic, enthusiastic person.)
Part of my recovery was to get outside and do something physical every day. I did this by riding my bike. I went through sun, rain, wind, snow, sleet. While riding helped my body physically recover, more importantly -riding pulled me out of the depths of depression. Riding was my meditation and the stronger I got, the better I felt.
Riding has brought me so much happiness in the past few years. My husband also rides and my social life revolves around cycling. I like the challenge of challenging my body and having fun with others. I have found others who have similar riding goals. Over the years, I have lost my competitive side. I really don’t care where I place. I like taking myself out of my comfort zone and try new things. I’ll ride with newer and slower riders because I want them to enjoy the sport too (and, we were all that person once).
I am still going through unresolved medical issues (MS hasn’t been ruled out :disappointed:),so I don’t take riding for granted. There are times when I ride out of anger towards what is going on with my body, but that usually ends badly. Mountain biking and riding my cross bike in the woods, allows me to be with nature, recharge my batteries and feel alive!


Having a changing Why resonated with me. My Why started as to de-stress and improve my health to balance a high pressure job. I especially found biking lifted my spirits even if it was only 3 miles to home from work. Then, I added a Why to gain strength and endurance so I could keep up with my husband when hiking with him.

I will be retiring end of September. I changed to a less stressful job a few years ago as a migration toward retirement. My new Why is to swim, bike, run, and hike such that it’s sustainable for the years to come. That will let me have fun riding with friends, hiking with my husband, and racing where I can meet the cutoffs.

On Wednesday I biked with a bunch of women where we vacation. One gal was 72 and as strong as I am. I hope I can be her when I am 72. This Saturday my husband, daughter, and son-in-law will do a 10k, Run with the Birds. Because of all the training I do, I can get excited and say “I will come along as well”.

Here is a Why picture from the Oly Triathlon I did last weekend. Tina

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