Week swap - guidance please Ian!


Hi @Coach_Ian!
So I’m swapping this coming recovery week with the week after as I’m in Majorca then and will be better to have recovery week whilst there!
So this week please let me know which bike sessions to do?
I did a big ride today 80km over 200Tss and avg power was up around 85% ftp. And did your crazy race simulation yesterday!
Monday rest!!!
Tuesday run and swim
Wednesday bike
Thursday bike
Friday bike and run straight after
Saturday bike
Sunday packing and travel! But might squeeze a morning run in!
Monday cocktails by the pool :rofl::tropical_drink::icecream:
The rest of the week I’ll try squeeze running and swimming in with a bike sesh mid week on a hire bike! Then the week after is my triathlon! 1 July!
Thanks lots and hope the move has been successful!



I’m a bit jealous, but here you go:

Wednesday: Hill repeats
Thursday: Power attacks
Friday: Hilly course + run
Saturday: 1263 Tempo

This will shell your legs a bit, so don’t be afraid to drop the effort on Thursday a little if needed.

The move is on pause right now. I’m in Quebec for two weeks for work. The house is pretty much a disaster.

Have fun in Mallorca. On your bike/run workouts, practice your transition!



Thanks Coach! :+1:t2: Hope the disaster resolved itself!
I only have the bike for one day in Majorca, I need to be Mum the other 6 days :slight_smile:️ So no bike/run transition opportunity for me. I will work on swim/run/bar transition though… :+1:t2:


Ohhhh you mean this week practice my transition! Yes I will :slight_smile:️ I ran a quick blast off one of my zwift sessions this week. I usually don’t get much issue with running off the bike, I’m not sure why, but I usually feel fine… probably because I can’t run anyway so I don’t notice feeling more rubbish than normal :rofl:


Hi @Coach_Ian!

I did the hill sesh yesterday. I was quite a bit over the prescribed watts and still kept it consistent and managed the sprints fine. I didn’t find it too hard. It’s confused me a little as I don’t get it! If I’d have done that at home I’d have struggled with the prescribed watts? Could my Neo and my stages be that different in their readings?

Soooo the other thing… I’m very peeved off :sob: my daughter has had a cold for a few days and guess what, looks like I’ve got it. This is my 4th lab and the 3rd I’ve been sick during. I’m not happy. So I’ve rested today and I’m in a Epsom salts bath. I was supposed to do power attack’s today and hilly route tomorrow and run or tide Saturday before travelling Sunday. Then next Wednesday I’m booked for a Stephen Roache tour in Majorca of 100km. I neeeeed to be better and fit enough for it :sob: and then triathlon two weeks Sunday :sob: any guidance? Rest until it’s gone or ride though it to keep fit?! Roll on sunshine and extra sleep!

Thanks Ian hope the move is improving!


Jackie, ok, lots to unpack here. The Stages and Neo could be off a few percent. That can add up. I will tell you that I find the workouts easier outdoors, and I use the same power meter for both. It may just have more to do with the Neo not holding the momentum as well as your wheels on the road.

I would be peeved at your daughter, too, if I were you. How dare she get you sick just because she had a cold. That’s pretty selfish. I say that you should beat her. Oh wait, that’s not where you were going. The best thing you can do is get some rest. Take the intensity of the rides down a bit and try to get as much rest as possible. You can ride easy, but don’t put the hammer down.



Hi @Coach_Ian!
I’m in Majorca! So I’ve done nothing since the hill reps on Wednesday (although it’s disappears from my training peaks which is strange, it’s still in strava) :sob: I have had my daughters cold but it’s mild, I’ve still got on with daily chores and tbh I had so much to do to get ready for our holiday I didn’t have much time on my hands!
So 4 days with no workouts (I did do a lot of walking). I’ve still got a slightly irritating cough and sore throat but I feel ok in myself. I plan to swim today, swim and run tomorrow, swim and run Wednesday then I have a bike tour booked with Steve Roache! (Probably not him lol! But his company) that’s on Thursday. It’s one to one so I have the power to request what I want… plan to say long slow steady, maybe 80-100km zone 2? Then I’ll swim Friday and run and swim Saturday. Travel home Sunday :sob:
Any advice? Guidance? I’m a little worried doing lots with the lurgy but I reeeeeeally want to ride on Thursday and I’ve the triathlon on the 1st. And worried if I don’t do something soon I’ll not have the legs for Thursday? Arghhhhhh! Blooming germs! Since I’ve been a mum, one year, I’ve had 4 colds!!! I never get sick!!!
Jackie :blush:


Jackie, does Stephen Roache know Stephen Roche? :rofl: If you feel ok, do a swim/bike on Tuesday and a swim/run on Wednesday. Keep everything fairly light. Add some pickups in to both the swim and run, but don’t hold the high pace for more than a minute, with at least two minutes easy in between efforts. 3-5 of these efforts should suffice.

Your plight with colds is exactly why I never became a mom. It detracts too much from my training. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lol Roache! :rofl:
I can’t do swim bike tomorrow, I only have the rental bike on one day (Thursday whilst riding with the Roache!) so will have to be run or just swim. My chest is hurting a bit tonight so I’m not a happy bunny :sob: kids!
Just watching England win :soccer::heart:


If you can get some menthol rub like Vicks, put a little on your chest tonight and under your nostrils. It will help open things up while you sleep. Congrats on the win. The whole country can be let off suicide watch now. It was close.


It was nail biting! Phew!
I have baby olbas ooo I will try that. Coughing up yellow stuff this morning :cry: feel ok in myself though. Had 9 hours sleep! Will get some sunshine and lots of buffet food!
Thanks Ian :blush:


Ride tomorrow @Coach_Ian! Looking forward to it :blush: I feel a lot better, still coughing but chest isn’t tight now and less snot! I swam and ran yesterday, not much intensity but just wanted to check I was ok. Did 15 mind of each but better than nothing! Ride will be 4 hours! Right off to swim! Will do a little longer but no run today. Check out my view! And my swim training area! :grin:


It’s official. Nobody likes you. Not even my wife, and she likes everyone.

I hope the swim went well. It looks absolutely gorgeous there. Enjoy the ride tomorrow.



Do you like me yet @Coach_Ian? I’m not in Majorca anymore so hopefully!

So I wasn’t quite the active training bunny I wanted to be in Majorca :disappointed: I ran once, swam 4 times and did a 70km 1000m climbing ride. After the ride I was pooped and my lurgy started making a reappearance :sob: so I did less for the latter part of the week and I quit the booze :scream: and ate lots :grimacing:
Anyway, felt better today so did a swim and felt good. So my triathlon is on Sunday. What do you recommend between now and then please?

My last week or so looks like this:
13 June - hill reps
14-18 - nothing - lurgy (except my daily commute of 15 each way)
19 - 2.5km run and 20 min swim
20 - 20 min swim
21 - 70km ride 1000m climbing - 3 hours
22 - 30 min swim
23-25 - nothing
26 today - commute and 20 min swim

I’m thinking I want to do one more swim, a run and a ride? Rest Friday and race prep bike and run on Saturday? I’m still a bit sinus-y so I’m using Vic’s rub like you said and throat sweets! And trying to get 8 hours sleep :roll_eyes: baby doesn’t help that though :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks for your help and hope you’re all moved now!




Well, I am glad you are back from Majorca. Although, I am sure you would rather be there. As for the move, we received our air freight shipment today. So, I have some cooking utensils and some more clothes. We don’t have most of our kitchen items or any of my Zwift setup (sad panda). I guess you could say that we are partially moved in now.

For your training, I like your plan. Try to add in an additional swim and a run. I think you are good on the bike. If you add in another bike, keep it light, something like the Race Pace 325.



Bet it makes you appreciate simple things in life like utensils! Good luck on the rest of the deliveries!

I’m a bit confused by your suggestion as not sure I can fit in another run and swim with the lack of days left?

I’ve edited this 3 times today!!! Editing again as shitty work resulted in not enough training time :sob:

Yesterday - swim
Today Wednesday - i only had half hour so did a fairly hard 26 minute ride
Thursday - I only have 45mins to an hour - short bike(15) - and run(30) off bike maybe?
Friday - rest or a swim?
Saturday - pre race session bike and run
Sunday - race :grimacing:

And I commute daily too - should I take it easy on commute?

For my bikes I was gong to do a road ride medium effort tomorrow and the pre race session that’s in training peaks from you guys on Saturday?

For my runs I was just going to take it easy?

Swims just trying not to drown :joy:

Thanks Ian :kissing_closed_eyes:



Sorry for the confusion.

Thursday - you could do the short brick

Friday - Swim. Do a 200-400 warm-up and then do a pyramid 50-100-150-200-250-300-250-200-150-100-50 then a 100-200 cool-down. On the way up the pyramid, go easy to moderate. On the way down, go moderate to very hard.

Take the commutes very easy. Just spin out the legs. For the runs, keep them easy, but every five minutes or so, pick it up to race pace for a minute.


Thanks Ian!

That swim session seems quite a lot for me! I’m only doing 750m on the day so shall I peek the pyramid at 200 maybe instead?

Also sorry - How much effort / time should I do Saturday?



Yes, peak at 200m. For Saturday, keep it at 20-25 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the run.