We want to feature YOU "On the Team Bus" our new podcast


Are you a fan of the Endurance Lab? Love what you have gained from you time in the lab? We want to share your story! Recording times are normally 0830 EST or 2130 EST most days. Let’s get connected! The call only requires a simple Skype call and we do the rest of the magic on our end.

Here was our first episode. It’s a work in progress but seems to get really good views because of the personally connection and connecting a name to the face to the voice of a rider.


Yes, it would be awesome to have our “Lab Rats” featured! It can be as short as 20 min- although once you get talking with @Coach_Flo it’s hard to stop :wink: Share something about your cycling journey!


I vote for a dual interview with @Stefanie and @Petals since they seem to be together on Zwift all of the time.


@Coach_Ian, @Coach_Theia, @Coach_Flo
I would love that! We have such a fun time! How awesome that we became friends through your Endurance Lab!

I am off on Fridays.


@Stefanie is in high demand she is coming on the bus on monday with a “friend” but we may need ot schedule another on a friday ot bring @Petals on with her too to share their training stories…I jumped on mid workout and alot of gossiping going on about the lab from what I could here. but what do i know?/ HAHHAHh


Just let me know when. If it’s usually Mondays, give me a heads up and I will try to change my day off.


I have never been popular in my life. I am going to take a moment and relish this :rofl:


I second that @Coach_Ian !!! Those two are peas in a pod!! :+1:. Excellent choice!