Wagner's Wagon Update January 2019


We have recently made some changes to the Wagon that make it quite a bit more enjoyable and easier to find.

  1. The ride is now listed in the official event list on Zwift.
  2. We only set that published ride to last 30 minutes (because you can only late join an event for up to 30 minutes currently)
  3. Once the 30 minute “event” is over, we keep riding at the advertised pace (3.0w/kg steady).
  4. Given the high congestion of the “World of the day” on Zwift currently, we purposely make the Wagon to happen on a world that is not the current world. This makes it so our drafting group doesn’t get ripped apart by other groups.
  5. For those who do not join in the first 30 minutes, they will need to first “World Hack” and then choose to “Ride With” somebody in the group.

We have been running the event in this fashion for about 3 weeks now, and we are very happy with the results. The Sunday ODZentury’s have also taken up most of these changes as well.