Two week pre 24hr race plan?


Coaches or anyone?

I have two weeks before the main event of the year …
24hr event (7 daylight, 17 darkness- MTB event)

Last week I’ve gone quite hard.
Tue 1hr medium pace 54tss
Wed 1hr NM/AC/MAP and FTP test (84 tss) all to the limit followed by 1:30 Z2/3 recovery ride (60 tss)
Thur 81tss in Sufferfest the shovel followed by chasing @justin round London for 2hrs on a wagon for 110tss
Fri - Z1 recovery ride 30 mins 14tss
Sat - Sufferfest the shovel again (92tss) followed by outdoor MTB social riding about 140tss over 3hrs with breaks making it elapsed 6hrs.
Every day minimum 15 mins of yoga doing hip openers, core strengtheners, hamstring and calf flexibility.

Likely taking a day off tomorrow (Sun).

Next week:
Monday - The Shovel for the last time (AC intervals)
Tuesday - Z2
Wednesday - outdoor MTB night ride for 1:30
Thur - some form of SST effort
Fri - rest day
Sat (1 week to go) 4-5hrs Z2/Z3 outdoor MTB at the event site practising
Sun 1-2 hrs in event trails
Mon rest day
Tue - limited ride? SST?
Wed - shirt outdoor MTB ride
Thur - rest day
Fri - rest day
Sat - race for 24-25hrs or thereabouts.

Views? Can I safely take more rest in here?



I recommend not doing those long 4-5 hour rides at this point. With two weeks to go, there are no gains to be obtained and you only risk getting tired. Your sole goals now are to:

  1. Reduce volume to reduce fatigue and increase freshness; and

  2. Continue to do some intensity to maintain fitness but take 2-3 days off in between

On race week, do HALF of your usual riding volume. Intervals in this week should be short and spaced out with good recovery in between.You are aiming at keeping the legs sharp without fatiguing them. For a Saturday race, do your last SHORT intervals workouts on Wednesday. Thursday is off, Friday do an easy spin with a few openers (we have an openers workout that we include at the end of every Lab plan, you should have it on your Training Peaks somewhere).

Remember to eat and sleep well as much as possible.

Hope this helps.


That looks great Martin. The only changes I’d make:

This week- On Wed, instead of Z3, do Z2 with a few sharp efforts for the 1st hour, then keep it easy for the second hour.

Taper week - take Tue off as well, then on Wed do a trainer session with some short 15-30 second VO2 efforts with plenty of easy rest in between (you need some intensity here to keep legs sharp but keep it to 60 min). Then Thu off and Friday openers- again keeping it short.



I agree with Theia. Don’t take the day before a race off. Sometimes, the body just doesn’t respond well.



Ok, will do that - thanks both. Bearing in mind I’m just some old guy plodding round a course for as much of 24hrs as my hip and knee will allow… I suspect my version of ‘race’ (Z2 forever) isn’t the same as you fit people who might run hot for most of it :slight_smile:
Plan modified as per both of these - thanks.


I don’t think anyone can run hot for 24h events regardless of age. Have fun out there!