Tri swag - mystery item


I received this in a swag bag from my triathlon last summer but I don’t know what it’s supposed to be - any ideas? It’s a small cloth that is sewn together to form an open ended cylinder

Theories so far:

  • something to sit on in transition
  • a light neck gator
  • a single thigh warmer

I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this! :joy:


Hey Mike, it’s called a buff and is like a scarf, hat, headband, whatever type thing.

You could wear it as a hat under your helmet for warmth or around your neck to seal up the gaps above your jacket collar or maybe soak it down and put on your neck to cool off? Honestly, I have a handful of them from events, etc and never seem to know what to do with them either… my wife likes it to keep her hair under control while hiking though I know. :slight_smile:


It has a name! Perfect - thanks so much for solving this - the wife and I have been wondering about this thing for a while!



:joy: looks like a Swiss Army knife for my head


You should contact the company Mike. That could be the slogan that makes them a Fortune 500 company!