Training for 2019

Hi Everyone, i joined the Kraken Club at the start of the year, with the intension for racing this year. Well work and life ruined all that, so where do you start for next year. Will their be a base Endurance Lab during the winter??. Feel like i need to reset and go again. I listen to the Podcast,so to all involved congrats it excellent.
Any thoughts please.


Thanks for your message and the feedback on the Coaches Corner podcast!

We have Labs all year around, and the programs are structured by following a periodization that is common to most athletes. In other words, yes, we will have a base phase Lab starting in January. Between now and then, we have a maintenance Lab (starting Oct 8th- “Ability Lab”), then will move into a transition Lab before the base phase. We then build progressively from base into the outdoor/event/racing season.

We also have a few “specialty” Labs, such as a race prep and a beginners/back from injury Lab.

If you have been training somewhat consistently (a few times/week) even though not in a way you wanted to, I’d recommend continuing with a routine until the base phase so that you don’t completely tear down the fitness you have right now.

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information.


Hi Coach Theia, thank you for your reply. I will do what you mentioned and continue until the Base Lab, then build for next year.
Thank You

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