Today’s Plan vs Training Peaks

Ok experts … I have a trial of Today’s Plan and a paid for TrainingPeaks account just now which will renew soonish.

Anyone got any views on what they see as main pro’s of either of these?
I haven’t really got my head round all the latest data options… and I’m keen to, but would like to get the experience and wisdom of the collective…
Who uses which one, and why?


The only reason I ever got a Today’s Plan account was because it was “forced” for a Zwift Academy. I’ve never actually used it, since I’m more more familiar and used to TrainingPeaks.

There will likely be some small differences between the two, and probably Today’s Plan is less expensive since it’s newer (I don’t actually know offhand which is less expensive). But my recommendation would be to stick with what you know and use it. You’ll likely waste precious time trying to completely compare the two.

Just my $0.02

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I use the premium versions of both Training Peaks and Today’s Plan, so my comparison will be for the premium accounts. I prefer Today’s Plan, as explained below, but it is not for everyone- or even necessary for athletes who are just starting to get into data analysis of workouts, etc.

Today’s Plan

I like Today’s Plan better because it has more ways to slice and compare data. Hey, I am a Coach and I like to nerd out on as much data as possible. It is much more detailed than Training Peaks. To give you an example, I can add lines to the graph of a given workout showing the different target powers. The Dashboard has lots of graphs comparing PRs, training zones, HR averages, etc month by month or year by year. The list goes on, but you get the idea.

Training Peaks

Training Peaks does not have the same detailing features as Today’s Plan, but it has sufficient information for those who don’t like or don’t need to get deep into the numbers and graphs. It is more intuitive to use and the app is way better than Today’s Plan’s app. I typically recommend that my athletes get Training Peaks until they get so much into it that they want to spend more time analyzing their data.

Hope this helps.


I like a lot of data … I might swap. Thanks.

Thank you for the nice comparison. I don’t review my workout numbers like I should, especially since I’m such a big math and science nerd. Maybe one of my goals for next year will be to understand more of the science.


@ELab that was a great write up. Thanks.
Have Today’s Plan (TP2) sorted out a holy grail that allows simple and easy assessment based on more than one ftp for outdoors and indoors? That would be super cool.

@ELab, the big question is, can you move workouts from TP to TP2? I would hate to have to rebuild my workout library.