Time to go nuts!


What’s your favorite nut?


I love nuts! Peanuts are my favorite – I make my own peanut butter – but almonds, cashews and walnuts are all in a tie for second place.

Seeds are great too - hemp, flax, pepitas, sunflower, sesame - full of good stuff!


If I had to pick one… it would be hazelnut. Almond is a close second and pistachio third.

I also like Brazil nut, but apparently it can be radioactive :scream: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazil_nut


I like Brazil nut too! Had no idea they could be radioactive. Yikes! Good thing I really only get them in mixed nuts around the holidays.


Almonds, almonds, almonds. My husband is allergic to hazelnuts, so can’t have them in the house.


Brazil nuts are my favourite closely followed by hazelnuts and walnuts - I love throwing a few hazelnuts in my porridge


#1 - husband. #2 - walnut. #3 - almond.


@meganherzog ahaha takes a nut to know a nut :joy:.


Cashews or chocolate covered peanuts!


Trader Joes Salt & Pepper Pistachios.
Almond Butter (homemade in food processor or from the Co-op).


I have an althlete friend with severe thyroid dysfunction who manages it (in part) with 2 Brazil nuts a day. It has the right amount of selenium to help regulate the thyroid and the way her body deals with the tablets she takes. Nature is amazing right!


'tis true :wink: