The Magic 5 Swimming Goggles


I ordered a pair of The Magic 5 goggles back in May after visiting their booth at my 70.3 event. These goggles use an iPhone/Android app that takes advantage of the Face ID sensors to do a 3D scan of your eye sockets and then they 3d print the goggles to fit your face.

At this point, I’ve worn them during several swim training sessions, a 750m Sprint distance tri race, and at the local community pool just horsing around with the kid - and they live up to the marketing hype, I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in need of new swim goggles or if your current pair hurt your eyes.

Prior to these, I had been using some cheap Speedo brand goggles I got from Costco, and also some goggles from Roka. The Costco goggles were leaky and didn’t have a great field of view, while the Roka goggles didn’t leak and had a great field of view but they weren’t very comfortable. During swim training sessions I’d regularly need to pop them off my face during rest periods to provide some relief.

With the Magic 5 goggles, all of those issues disappeared. They don’t leak, the field of view is even better than the Rokas, and I literally don’t feel them when I’m in the water. When I first put them on out of the water, they feel a little funny - not painful, just different - but once I’m in the water, I guess the water pressure pushes them into the exact spot on my face that they conform to and I no longer feel them at all. It’s like nothing’s there, which is a really nice feeling.

My only complaint is they designed them with removable nose pieces - they send you 3 different sizes for you to try out and find the one you like best. But during T1 of my recent race, I must have yanked the goggles off my head too hard or something and the nose piece popped out and I lost it. I contacted The Magic 5 and they’ve shipped me out 2 replacements, and I got the :+1: from them to super glue the nose piece in place since I know which one I want to use and don’t see myself swapping them around.

So yeah - long story short - I really like them and I got a 2nd pair. The first one being their blue magic mirror one which is great for the sunny outdoors, and then recently the black magic ones for indoors.

You should be able to get a 10% off code just for signing up to their newsletter, or check out their various social media sites for sales.


Mike told me about these when we rode together a few weeks ago, and I am interested in trying them out. However, I’ll be out of the water for a few months, so I’ll have to wait until I can get back to a pool. They sound pretty awesome, though.


I have problems with goggles fogging up after a few months of use. They seem to lose their anti-fogging abilities. I have tried saliva and also anti-fogging wipes. Those help some, but not completely. I wonder how the Magic 5 will hold up as far as fogging.