The Limit of Endurance - Coaches Corner 71


Recording Date: 06/17/2019

The Limit of Endurance - Coaches Corner 71

In this episode, our topics include:

  1. In the Cupboard with Andrea (00:45)

  2. Fueling after workouts - Proteins

  3. Real food meals and milk

  4. Whey and Casein Powders

  5. Vegan powders

  6. Bean pasta, mung bean, green pea pasta

  7. Tart Cherry Extract

  8. Physio Tape and its many uses

  9. Article of the week: Have We Really Found the Limit of Human Endurance? By Alex Hutchinson - Sweat Science in Outside Magazine (20:20)

  • Ultimate Limit of Human Endurance had been found
  • what is the maximum rate at which you can burn calories over a sustained period of time?
  • the limit of 2.5 times your metabolic rate comes from: you can’t digest more than that.
  • “alimentary energy supply limit”—that is, that we simply can’t digest calories quickly enough to sustain higher rates of long-term energy burn.
  • The ultimate question is this a hard limit or can it be trained?

3,. Race Report with Jason Flores- Giro di San Diego Metric

  • Distance - 66 miles 7700 ft, featuring Palomar South Grade 4500ft 12 miles
  • Fueling - approx 70g of carbs per hour between solids, gels and hydration
  • Group dynamics 185 riders and 685 overall, 26 in the age group

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