The American Zofingen Duathlon- Coaches Corner 70


Recording Date: 05/27/2019

The American Zofingen Duathlon- Coaches Corner 70

In this episode, our topics include:

  1. Race Review - Coach Ian -The American Zofingen Duathlon
  1. Article of the week:
  • Manage time and energy

  • Optimize nutritional input

  • Emphasize sleep and recovery

  • What stress feels and looks like…. When things go wrong.

  • Compartmentalizing stressors

  • Tools for better workouts under stress

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@Coach_Ian how did you manage to keep your Stryd pod dry with all of the water and shoe-stealing mud?


The short answer is that I didn’t keep it completely dry. When my shoe came off, I was fortunate that it was not completely submerged in the mud. The mud only came up to the top of the sidewall. I actually have my Stryd in a little pouch, though, vice the regular clip. The pouch keeps it from falling off the shoe in rough/muddy terrain. Something like this:

Works well, even if it is a pain to insert the pod the first time.


Oh cool idea, thanks for the link.