Swearing improves muscle strength and stamina, new study finds


Raise your hand if you have tried this and agrees with the findings be that swearing improves muscles strength and stamina! Me me me! I usually add directed anger to the coach who designed the workout and hope they are suffering as much as I am when they do the workout.



I swear during Endurance Lab workouts all the time! I swear at my husband too when he tells me that if I have enough breath to swear I am not working hard enough. We rank the difficulty of the workouts by how much I swear and he will sometimes ask me, is it a swearing workout tonight? :rofl:


awesome. I don’t swear while doing the workout but Theia and I generally swear at each other before and after the workouts. Mostly calling each other wimps for complaining or not hitting numbers. It makes it more tolerable.

It’s really “fun” doing workouts next to each other.


If this is true, then I know some politicians who should be crushing it.

Seriously though, I grew up in a working class household, and my father was literally a sailor. Even though I don’t swear in front of my kids or my students, I don’t think profanity has the same power for me because it was normalized growing up. Instead, I just focus on a person or an event that I’m angry with, and use that.


Does the wall in your paincave have something like that posted up there?


Opposite for me on the swearing at home (same on the working class household though). So when I married Drew I was in shock for at least a full YEAR.


The kind of things that make me angry aren’t really poster material. Usually it’s something like human rights violations, or some piece of history I can’t shake from my mind.
More recently, it’s just Team DIRT, lol.


Ummm, there is a reason that my Mixer stream is rated PG-13. I have a bit of a potty mouth, and it is even worse when I am burying myself. My N=1 study says that the authors of that study are definitely on to something.


To quote The Clash: “let fury have the hour/ anger can be power/ you know that you can use it!”


How could you hate @MitchD’s lovable cheeks?


@Stefanie…I don’t recall us ever swearing about the workouts or the coaches during workouts… :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I do try not to swear, although when really tired -I have been known to carpet F-bomb a conversation… I call it having a Vowel movement!


So, swearing may improve power output, but it doesn’t do jack squat to counter the cold. It was snowing and sleeting during the first 15 minutes of my ride home today. I cussed a lot, and it didn’t warm me up one bit.



Indeed, some of the strategies needed for the cold will be counterintuitive for someone of your temperament, Ian. Try relaxing your core, particularly the lower back. Secondly, instead of anger, best to meet the frigid absurdity of the situation by laughing at yourself. I learned these tricks from a group of Newfoundlanders I worked with while doing construction in the winter. I pass this knowledge on to you.


No. I face all challenges with the blood-thirsty anger of Khal Drogo. I will not accept this despicable lifestyle which you call winter. Besides, anger keeps me warm.


Be careful Marc. If he does not empty the bottomless pit of rage, well at least scoop off the top portion, he will have to direct it elsewhere. You know what that means…harder workouts for the rest of us!


…and Zen Elf just doesn’t have the same ring to it.