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Hi Coach’s, How do you race prep/plan to do an event that is longer than normal. Really struggled to find any B/C events to use as prep.
Love the Podcast
Thanks Gary


Gary, are you talking about race prep during training, as in a workout, or specifically using a B/C event?


@Coach_Ian I meant events, a lot of events are standard distance rather than longer. I wondered if it was a good idea just to race, to get a feeling for the actual A race day.


It depends on the timing, to be honest. If your A race is something long like a half-iron distance triathlon, you can use an olympic distance as a race prep, provided that it is a few weeks out. Same thing goes for a sprint. Actually, I like doing a sprint tri 4-6 weeks out and just hammer the crap out of it. Then, I get back on my bike and knock out another 90 minutes or so at just under my planned race effort followed by an easy 30 minute run. During the second bike, I practice my nutrition as if I was going long.

The other thing I like about doing a sprint or oly that far out is that it gives me the opportunity to practice transitions. You can somewhat take your time in a half or full without dire consequences, but losing seconds in a sprint or oly could be catastrophic. It makes you go through the process quickly.

As for cycling and running specific events, it would depend on what your goal race is and what other events are available. I do recommend getting some racing in before an A race to get adapted to race tempo and race management.


How does indoor (Zwift) fitness equate with IRL fitness? Having had to bail on my first intermediates ride I was really surprised at how difficult it was to maintain the higher pace outdoors; in my pain cave I feel like I’m crushing it but today the great outdoors crushed me!



This week we have Dr. Brad Makimaa joining us on Coaches Corner. He is a podiatric surgeon who has worked on the medical staff at the Ironman World Championship, run Kona once, and is one of the best people I know for recommending shoes. If you have any questions for him, let us know. We’ll be live tomorrow morning, starting at 7:15 AM EST.



I was wondering if you would do a podcast of some of your favorite books for training, sports nutrition, training with a power meter, etc. Maybe books you liked when newer to the sport and training as well as books you use today as a more advanced rider, racer, triathlete.
I’m sure the different coaches have some books they refer to more than others.


Great idea! Thanks Linda!


Make sure you listen to today’s, Linda!