Spring Training Lab starting on 15 April!



Yes folks, Spring is finally upon us. Baseball may have finished its spring training, but the Endurance Lab Spring Training Lab is just beginning. The lab is an 8+1 lab, with eight weeks of training plus a bonus week to use for a race or testing.

The Spring Training Lab is a higher intensity lab focused on preparing you for the demands of spring and early summer racing. Head over to https://www.endurancelab.fit to sign up.


The link to register will go live later tonight!


Hello Coach_Ian I am looking for strength and endurance.
The event I have in July is long about 90 miles and a lot of climbing.
Is it this new Spring training suitable for it?
Thank you!



The Spring Lab may not be the most suitable for you, but @Coach_Flo is cooking something up. More to follow by the end of the week for you.


Coach_Ian and Coach_Flo,
Thank you!!!


Hey Antonio! Great to meet you. Let definitely connect and see how we can get you sorted. We can start another thread since I know there are a lot of Lab members that will have added experience in training for an event just like this. One I can think of immediately is @TedStewart and his event is also in July.


Coach_Flo my pleasure to meet you!!
Let’s start another thread.
I include @TedStewart.
Looking forward to workout for this event.
Thank you!


Hi everyone! I’m excited to get started… wondering when the training peaks workouts will be sent out??


They will be out on Sunday!


If you signed up for the Spring Training Lab and have not received your link from Training Peaks or had the plan applied to your Training Peaks, let me know!


Looking forward to spring training! Gonna tear them up this year.


Quick housekeeping for the lab. Tuesday 16 April is the first workout day (movable by everyone), but TrainingPeaks doesn’t recognize leaving Monday empty. Thus, if you applied the plan starting tomorrow, it will be off by one day. I recommend unapplying and reapplying the plan for the 16th. You can still manually move the workout to tomorrow if you want.


Moved the plan up by a day and completed the first workout tonight. It was tough. Struggled through the last two 8 min segments. Wondering just how accurate my last (step) FTP test was but what doesn’t kill me will make me stronger, right? :slight_smile:


@rick, good job on getting through the first workout! It’s definitely a tough one, mentally and physically. Eight-minute efforts are just long enough to make you doubt yourself.

I recorded my execution of the workout at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgA_kCoxWis. My graph is below. As usual, I completely failed the warm-up.


One observation that I had was that compared to Ian’s summary, my HR didn’t recover as pronounced as his in the 2 min recoveries after the 8 min efforts. Mine stayed fairly flat across max effort and just a small dip during recovery. Any thoughts on this? Do I need to exaggerate my recovery and maybe that could have helped me maintain my power in the last part of the workout better?


Rick, some of this is due to level of fitness, and some is due to being accustomed to this kind of on-and-off effort. Also, I took the first 20 seconds of the recovery super easy, keeping the power on the low end of the limit. That helped bring the HR down. @eric was watching some of my workout, so he can verify that my HR didn’t really go that high during the hard efforts.


So…a dumb new guy question. Can I do easy rides on the non workout days or should I only do the other prescribed work (like core work today) and skip riding all together to properly recover/rest for the next scheduled workout?


You can do easy rides, as long as you can keep it under control. Some of us are not so good at that. We get on for an easy ride, and one of our teammates convinces us to race. Seriously, though, just see how you feel. If you do some easy rides but don’t feel recovered for the workouts, then either take a rest day or dial back even more.


Yes, I can confirm @Coach_Ian is a mutant and his heart rate barely really got up there during these efforts. What a jerk.