Sneak Peak - WUWP 56 Which power meter should I get?


Next week’s episode of Watts up with Power? will be a discussion around the power meter market, and what options are available, and why you would choose one option over another. I know many people are likely in the market for a power meter right now, so this should spur some great conversation.

Here are the slides for the show.

Are you in the market for a power meter? Post here about what you have and what you are looking for, and we will help you focus your search!


We’ve tested three different Power Meters:

Vector Pedals

Of the three, our experience with Quarq is by far the best.

I started with a Stages Power Meter. We had the early version. The battery door let in water and the accuracy was not good. We upgraded the battery door, but the power meter kept bombing out after riding in the rain or washing the bike. I tested the first version of the Vector Power Pedals. They were inaccurate compared to the tacx neo. I had them serviced multiple times. They were torqued down correctly and I upgraded the firmware multiple times. I rode with 2 power meters for about a year inside (Tacx Neo and the Vectors) and finally gave up on the vectors. The Quarq is consistently within a watt or two of the Tacx Neo. They never seem to get damaged from water (rain / washing) and they stay calibrated as the temp changes. I’ve never “tested” that last statement, but after calibrating the Quarq it seems to hold the calibration as the temp changes based on perceived exertion.


I have the Quark D-zero on order to mate with the S-works cranks on my 2018 Tarmac hopefully being assembled this week at the shop. Seems to be the obvious choice for this set-up. Does it do anything fancy like L/R balance or peddling dynamics of any kind? I haven’t researched it extensively other than I have had Quarks in the past and they are generally accurate and self serviceable and they have excellent customer support as they are a small and very cool company.


agree - I’ve had to replace a Quarq in the past and they did it no questions asked. I do have L/R balance on the road bikes. Not on the MTB. Hard to go wrong with a Quarq.


I just sold my 4 year old P2M Classic (crank based) power meter. It worked flawlessly but decided to move to a pedal based power meter. Working on a set of the new Vector 3s.


I’m curious to know what you find out about zeroing the Vector 3s on a Wahoo Elemnt. It probably works, but @THE_Nighttrain got me scared when he mentioned that his older generation Vectors required a Garmin headunit to calibrate/zero offset.

I do know that the Garmin 520 had an option to prompt me every time I pair the power meter if I want to calibrate/zero it, which was nice. I haven’t found such a feature on the Elemnt yet, but I also haven’t looked that hard for it either.


Hi Justin,
Press the left button (the power button)after your ELEMNT is on and a new screen will pop up. Scroll to your power meter and then you’ll see the left button on the bottom will now show you to press it to calibrate your PM.

Hope that helps.


Bingo thanks! I hadn’t found that yet, and now it was easy, much appreciated.