Sneak Peak - WUWP 53 Make a Plan Slides


This week marks the first anniversary of the Watts up with Power show! Pretty cool that we’ve been at it for an entire year, thanks for all your support that has made it a success.

This weeks episode will be all about looking at your planning from the big picture, and putting together an annual plan.

Here are the slides.


Congrat Justin! Keep it up, that full use of info in those videos.


Great Info Justin, thank you! I never realized just how simple the CTL formula is. I have often hovered in the high 50s to mid 60s CTL before Zwift. Unlike some of the other masters I race against, I work! lol. I just set up an ATP in Training Peaks with my B and A races all mostly April - end of June. Now I see mid 70s as a realistic number and plan to peak above that a few weeks before my main events in June. That at my age of 54 and level of working and commuting and being a good dad is realistically what I can shoot for and is about 15 or more CTL points from where I usually land in June. I’ll need Zwift to some degree year round to do that. I’ll also need to work with all of the EL gurus to make sure my outdoor plan goes as good as my indoor training has been going. Looking forward to 2018.