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Join us starting December 10!! We will keep you on track and motivated during the holidays while giving you the flexibility of a less-demanding training schedule!

For the Northern Hemisphere crew, December and January mean a transition into pre-season training. We all have put significant strain on our bodies, racing through the previous seven months, and now it is time to get prepared for the next season!

During this transition period, we decrease the intensity and volume, allowing the body to recover and adapt, while working on strength and endurance to build a solid base for your next season goals.

Join us for FREE if you are a returning member (i.e., if you have done any Labs with us before)! Please email @Coach_Theia for the coupon code.

We are also running a low special price of $25 for new members, so please spread the word to your friends and bring them with you to train with us!

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I’m in and looking forward to it. Just spent a week away after a few too many months of inconsistent training due to vacation, sickness, family etc.

Next lab will be so nice to get back to getting strong!


@Coach_Ian @Coach_Theia Will the lab file be sent to our training peaks account as usual?


Of course! Just finalizing it now.


TP will not (yet) let me change the date of the plan start, its set for today - was hoping to move the start to Monday as I’m planing on Zwift gran fondo tomorrow.

Should it be possible to change the start date?


Rod, this plan has locked in dates. You can individually move workouts around. The first workout should not be showing until Tuesday, though, so you can do the fondo, no problem.


Hi all, as this is my first lab, do we complete the workouts together ( when possible) or just when we can. Listening to the Podcast I’ve heard about a forum for Lab Users, is this the correct forum or is there another.
Any advise is a great help Thanks,Looking forward to this.


Hi Gary- you will receive the Plan with the weekly workouts in the order we reccomend doing them, and you do them at a time that is convenient for you. Once you sign up, you will have access to the “Getting Started” page on the website with all the instructions.

Yes, this is the Forum we use and there is an area of the forum only accessible to members, which again, you will get access once you sign up.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


Hi Coach Theia, i have paid using my Krakenclub coupon and have the files in my Training Peaks library, every time i try the Getting Started link, it just sends me back to login, I’m going round in circles. sorry if I’m not doing something simple but i can’t get started.
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So, pretty much everything will be done here at the forum, as far as communicating and coordinating with coaches and other riders go. Each week there will be an opportunity to do one or more of the workouts on Zwift led by a coach, but you can feel free to do the workouts at your convenience. With the new meet-up feature on Zwift, it may make coordinating group workouts a bit easier.

The workouts will be on your TrainingPeaks account, and @Coach_Flo recently got the .zwo files out for download.

Let us know what other questions you have.



paging @Bob for some help please


Have not received files yet coaches. Did have a great single speed MTB ride with my local buddies today.



The files are on the getting started page. This is a member only access page. I’m headed to church right now. Would you please provide me with your email you used to purchase the lab. Hopefully this is the same email you are using to log in. I will be able to check your account and make sure everything was set up for you properly. Sorry this isn’t working for you. I will look through the details as soon as I get home. So you know I’m crazy and church will last about 4 hours today.


Bob- I can send you Gary’s email.


Gary I believe I found the problem from our end will you please try the getting started page and let me know the results. Thanks for your patience.


Hi, thanks for looking into this, I will check as soon as i’m Back from work, on Monday afternoon. I don’t have computer access at work. Regards


So I’m coming back from 6+ months of dealing with back injury, sickness and just general blaaah. I did my first 2+ hour ride on the MTB yesterday without pain today so I’m pretty excited to try some structured training. That said, I haven’t done an FTP test in a year+, my fitness is garbage and I don’t see myself getting in a test before the workouts start tomorrow. Thoughts on best way to approach this?

Also will this be similar to the last one, where the workouts will show up in my training peaks account? I downloaded them manually too.



Yes, they will show up in your TP account. I haven’t gotten the updated list with your email and confirmation on it yet, but I am sure that I will have that soon. The first workout isn’t actually until Tuesday, though, so you won’t miss anything.

ETA: Greg, I just sent you the share link for TP.



Greg, I would recommend that you start at 50%-60% of your last measured FTP, and see how you feel. You can make adjustments up or down as the weeks go on. Maybe start with 2 workouts/week then move to 3, depending on how you are feeling. Give it a day or two between workouts to recover, and you might want to push the strength training workouts by 3 weeks after you start the bike workouts (or focus on the core exercises and skip legs/arms for now). Please check in again after you start!


Hi Bob and Coach’s Thank you for your help, the getting started page worked now, just need to get an email about joining the Lab Forum.
Thanks Again