Show your Bikes


I should be working but this is more fun. This is a thread devoted solely to showing your bikes to the group!

This is the road bike I bought when I began doing sprint triathlons in 2008ish. It’s a Trek 1500SLR and I used to rider her with clip on aero bars (She’s for sale if anyone is interested). She has Shimano 105 and I had a Power2Max chainring power meter for a couple years when I began training with power.

The next bike I bought was when I got deeper into triathlons. It’s a Quintana Roo CD0.1. I actually bought her online on a cyber Monday deal. She has Dura-Ace and Reynolds carbon wheels.

The last bike to discuss is my current fav. I spent a handful of years agonizing over building a custom bike. The fitter who did my fit for the CD0.1 above was an approved liaison with Seven (Custom bike company out of Boston). When I got fit for the CD0.1 I had her take my measurements for the Seven in case I went forward with it. In the spring of 2017 Seven unveiled a new bike called the Red Sky. Racing geometry but designed to allow wider tires so that it can tackle both road, dirt and gravel. I ended up having Seven build me a titanium Red Sky with eTap. I’ve traveled with her a couple time to California and Phoenix and plan to head to Oregon in the near future. One of my favorite things about the bike is the bead blasted logos. Absolutely love that bike and I call her my LastBike4Now (until I build a Seven hardtail in a couple years).