Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


We don’t only eat hard core carbs!! This is balanced with roots and veg. So this stash will last months.


It’s snowing in Minneapolis today when only a few flurries were in the forecast. So lunch called for some comfort food!

This is our homemade vegan version of mac and cheese:

Whole wheat macaroni noodles, homemade cashew cheese, homemade “sausage” patties crumbled up (oats, flax, chia, nutritional yeast and lots of herbs and spices), kale and green pepper. Yum


Afternoon all. Despite my various jokes about Scottish diet … I actually don’t eat haggis very often …
one of the favourite lunches (when available) is a like of salads things with some chicken …
nice on a day off from the bike today to get some more good stuff in on top of this morning porridge.
That’s some Asian Slaw, peppers, beetroot (not juiced), carrots, jalapeños, and I thinks that’s it.
Edit: forgot the tomatoes.


And today’s lunch went so fast it’s empty …
Green lentil daal with more turmeric, ginger and garlic than anyone could ever hope for. Happy days


That’s my kind of food!


Cold and damp weather calls for stew - threw some bits of chicken, veggies and beans in a pan with the hope it would turn into something tasty while I did my workout


2 degrees and rain here. I didn’t ride outside, but the weather got into my psyche last night and I also made stew. I ate it at 10:30 am, lol. Right after “pick up the pace.” Anyway, here it is. The beautiful bowl was hand-crafted by one of the nicest guys on Zwift , Don Saroff.


That looks super scrumpy and I love the bowl.


@Coach_Ian. Once again, I had to take one for the team. This was after our metric century today. It was below 50 degrees for the whole ride, so we figured we earned it.


That looks tasty, but you had to suffer to get it.


I finally have a dinner healthy enough to post.

It is a zucchini and squash noodle pasta with an avocado pesto and shrimp. It has garlic, cilantro, basil, lemon juice, a little olive oil, avocado, chopped pecans and a bit of chopped zucchini. Yummy.

It is my wife’s concoction, so I cannot take credit for this one.


Some awesome nourishing warm foods going on here!!


This was too good not to share. Pulled pork with black beans, red cabbage slaw, tomato/avocado garlicky guac on a bed of brown rice, topped with cilantro. I made a double batch to make extra bowls to take along while traveling the next few days. Great for leftovers too.


mega awesome!!!


both of those look great! (starting to look up recipes)



I think there was something about post workout meals somewhere. This is my easy go-to. I had it after finishing the progressive accelerations II.
Berries, high protein yogurt, and muesli.


looks great, you could add some nuts or ground seeds.but nothing wrong with this!!


This is the “Really Nutty Muesli” from Dorset Cereals. It’s about 40% nuts. I don’t know if you’re aware of this company, but it’s owned by Prince Charles, who I think is 100% nuts.


super simple homemade beetroot soup to warm and nourish on a cold, wet day.