Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


@Stefanie that looks devine :yum:


Tonight’s dinner, the first step on the journey to sort out my stomach issues…

Chicken and veggie broth with some black rice noodles lurking under the surface :yum:


That’s pretty!


pretty and awesome!! love this thread for keeping us accountable.


who’s hitting the foods on this list?


not sure about the frankfurters however!!


this is interesting and other parts of his blog


There are a number of items on this list that I have hit, namely to keep them out of my grocery cart (beets, cauliflower, beet greens, smelt, and herring, to name a few) and some of which I embrace, especially the meats. I believe this list is incomplete, though, as I did not see beer, rum, cookies and cream ice cream, or chocolate chip cookies.


another helpful resource


Cabbage is truly awesome.

I’ve never juiced red cabbage before its actually quite pleasant


With the help of @cullenac I’m tackling my long term stomach issues and am now a week in to a month long (and possibly more) gut detox - resetting my system so my good tummy bacteria can thrive and defeat the bad guys (and gals) that have been causing all the problems.
I’ve now managed 8 days without any sugary treats - I won’t lie, it’s been a struggle, especially when at the weekend we had house guests so everyone was around enjoying chocolatey deserts and alcohol whilst I was sipping my filtered water…
Its a learning process, especially when it comes to nutrition for training - I’ve definitely missed my ‘go to’ quick fix sugar packed bars before a workout BUT will find options that fit and will get back to smashing those workouts when my body is ready.
Tonight’s post workout dinner was an avocado salad with 7 different veggies and 2 fresh herbs :grin:


wow awesome!!

this lady has some cool recipes if you need inspiration but seems to me like you are inspiring us!!


Oh that looks delicious!

Changing the way we eat is hard work and cutting out sugar is sooo hard especially when you have others around you who are eating differently than you. Eight days and counting is fantastic! Kudos to you @Michelle! Keep it up. Here’s to a happy gut biome and a happier, healthier you!


I am still refusing to post my dinners, as @cullenac will go into full chastise mode. We’re in the middle of unpacking in our new place, so it is a giant disaster, leading to a few extra meals ordered out for now,


OK! This is pan-fried liver finished with ground flax and peaches…sounds very weird and actually tasted great with greens.


Oh I love liver! My Mom used to cook it often as I was growing up, and I have’t had it in such a long time. I love it when it’s salty… and cooked with soft cassava… yummm


The joy of working from home yesterday-instead of a 2hr commute each way I was able to spend time making breakfast egg muffins and a lovely African Peanut Soup with brown rice for dinner. Both were super yummy :yum:


I’m so hungry right now!!! They look yummyyyy :yum:


wow Michelle!!! I would love a dinner like that!!


i tried this egg free mayonnaise today and amazingly it works and tastes good. their instructions for the flax eggs weren’t clear so i ended up doubling up on the flax and water but it still worked great. i used a blend of EV olive oil (ie not a light one as i dont have a light one) and grapeseed oil

highly recommend is anyone needs to avoid eggs or raw egg white