Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


No. Just no. Beets are the devil.


@Coach_Ian but what if you put the beets in cookies?


No. Beets are the devil.


no beets here, but you may want to serve with a steak @Coach_Ian

tasted yummy.


Polenta really is great isnt it. almost like bread when cooked hard too (almost!).
I love it for my pre-race meals as i tend to eat more of it than if i had rice or potatoes (which for me is beneficial).


Oh that looks delicious!


Today’s dinner: Cooked green cabage, quinoa mixed with black beans, mint leaves and spices, turkey breast with goat cheese.


Great meal Theia; some days you could UP the protein and DOWN the quinoa, depending on the XYZs of training etc.


Actually have a photo of dinner for once. Easy meal. Only condiment was butter! And some miso in the brown rice teff mix.


Lunch break with J.Flo and Lil’ Flo. Quick stir fry from frozen Costco section and Italian meatballs all cooked in a pan with olive oil in under 15 min! #lazydad


I dont think you are lazy, this is planned and fast… something i wish more people understood. good food can be fast food! so long as we stock up


Another go to meal for us.


A nice reminder about real food


last night we were in a bit if a hurry after a late swim; no photo but we had panfried lambs livers (soaked in milk all day), rye/ gluten free oat bread (him/ her), chopped fresh veg such as fresh gerkins, tomatoes, peppers, and some red cabbage sauerkraut. may have been some melted cheese going on with the bread!

Livers arent the fondest of memories and tastes for us all; but wow they certainly trigger some primal appetite in me i had three. I assume for the nutrients such as Vit K and A that we lack from most other foods.

Its good to have organ meats on occasion; they are powerhouse food.

Longest open water swim to date last night; 2.7 km at 1.49 pace and comfortable. super chuffed :slight_smile: and it was unplanned which has a lesson in there!


My Mom swears by liver. She cooked it for us so often growing up I actually like it (but haven’t had it in decades).


After a very long day of travelling and meetings it was past 8pm before I got home - very little food in the house and I was feeling so tired I might skip dinner but my body told me exactly what it wanted…

Steamed broccoli, poached egg and a drizzle of avocado oil - I felt so much more alive - think I might have a broccoli addiction on a par with a certain coach’s cookie addiction :rofl:


I love broccoli, had some this week that was so fresh and tasty, i actually went back to the veggie guy to buy more today; funny!


Today’s dinner- recovery day: chicken fajitas, beets (@Coach_Ian’s fave) and bird’s nests (onions, carrots, scalions)


I love these little podcasts by Rinny; and this one she shows us just how much salad can go on one fork!


Dinner tonight: red quinoa tacos with almond cheese and baby greens in a corn tortilla with fresh local sweet corn, black beans, and brown rice.