Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


I have fundamental moral problems with this pizza, @Stefanie. Almond “cheese”? I’m pretty much a guy who is open to most socially liberal activities, choices, and lifestyles. This pizza, though, has just gone too far! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahaha @Coach_Ian! I know, it’s scandalous and verges on not even really being pizza! Nut cheeses are fantastic if you don’t do dairy! I do sometimes eat pizza from a place here called Pizza Luce and have “rinotta cheese” made from cashews on it along with an olive oil white sauce, spicy mock duck, roasted garlic, broccoli and pineapple. That’s the closest I get to a traditional pizza :grin:


My find today on my mountain bike ride. Will be eating well tonight. @Stefanie


Oh yum! What a great find. Maybe I should start mountain biking just for mushroom discoveries! :grinning:


wow this is amazing, i sometimes see these running but would have the fear to eat any mushroom except the generic white ones we get in the autumn. they look bitey and meatey; what did you do with them?

you are an inspiration!


Hi all,

the title says "PLUS COMMENTS FROM OUR FAVORITE NUTRITIONIST), so i am going to assume this is me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and have a morning chat :star_struck: about my recent food cravings. this is in the hopes of teaching you all to trust your bodies, they dont lie, unless it says cookies then its a blatant fib.

Ive just had a solid tough block of training, and today is day 1 of taper with just a short OW swim. last week was big, bigger than i thought with TSS 957/ 14 and half hours (thats a massive week for me). the previous 4 weeks have built up TSS with 10.5 to 12.5 hours training.

My brain was kind of over it 2 hours into a 3 hour bike yesterday. I think this is where the fatigue manifests mostly; in the mind. My mind is tired from churning the details of fitting in the two sessions, the food, the life and work etc. My body feels good. I now really get it when i see athletes in the final countdown just not that into it when in my mind i would think they would be mega excited to race. they are mentally tired and that last taper week is crucial to bring your love back for it all.

I do actively meditate / take time to cut a cord with the training bubble or I find my balance goes. But as my boyfriend points out; i am immersed in it due to work also. And i am a highly sensitive person as a few of you know so i FEEL it all pretty intensely through me from clients athletes and fellow peeps in sport.

Anyhow, my appetite has changed somewhat over the last weeks to wanting more carbs, so I did (the good ones but also some gluten free sourdough rye type bread with oodles of butter. thats ok), wanting midnight snacks, so I did, and lately i am reaching for passion fruit and more tomatoes which isnt like me so i feel i am after the vitamin C. our diet is very good, all home-cooked and ample veg.

Eating more, and eating more carbs, surprise surprise has me feeling strong. ladies, I dunno why :thinking: but a lot of us struggle with this. Most of us will benefit from more.

the comment on passion fruit and tomatoes oh and pickled gerkins (NO i am no pregnant!) is just an example of how the body speaks for what it needs. I am obviously looking for vitamin C and antioxidants, the gherkins are a bit more confusing but something in there is shouting as even garron got subjected to a gherkin with shredded cabbage dressed with balsamic vinegar and mirin salad. (was good actually!). lots of vinegar which is interesting!

Keep up the good work everyone, and get curious about what your body is looking for.

PS I found this online (i dont have issues with cramping FYI)

Pickle Juice:
From pregnancy cravings to deli sandwiches, pickles have been a mainstay. So, too, has its dill-flavored juice, when it comes to reducing cramps and preventing hydration for numerous athletes.

Rich in sodium, magnesium and potassium, pickle juice is seen by trainers, nutritionists and researchers alike as a drink with enough, if not more, electrolytes than many of the popular “ade”-type drinks currently on the market. Pickle juice provides athletes a two-for-one punch with sodium and vinegar in just one shot.

A study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise in May 2010, illustrated how a group of young men in Utah were given 2.5 ounces of either straight pickle juice or deionized water once their exercised-induced and electronically stimulated cramping began. The group downing the pickle juice stopped cramping within 85 seconds, while those who drank water continued to seize up. The findings determined that pickle juice relieved cramping 37 percent faster than drinking water, and 45 percent faster than drinking no liquid at all.

Yet the true secret weapon in pickle juice may be the vinegar.

Dr. Kevin C Miller, Ph.D., ATC, and assistant professor at North Dakota State University, believes, based on his own studies on cramping, the pickle brine helps cure cramps because it triggers a nerve reaction.

Dr. Miller notes the rapidness in which the craps are eased (once the juice is ingested) wouldn’t provide it enough time to leave an athlete’s stomach in order to produce such a dramatic reaction. Instead, he and fellow researchers suspect the vinegar in pickle juice actually sparks a nerve reflex, which sends out a signal disrupting the misfiring of muscles and therefore stops the actual cramping.

Extra Sip: Pickles provide the gut with healthy flora, which is vital for digestion.



Hi Andrea-
Chicken of the woods is the fungus “Laetiporus sulphureus”. It grows in New England on dead hardwoods (oak trees). There is not a poisonous version of this in New England. Although you shouldn’t eat the ones in pine or coniferous trees.
This was found on a dead oak tree we were hopping over on our mountain bikes.
This mushroom grew this large in 2 weeks.
It actually has the consistency and taste of chicken and you cook it in much the same way.

You do need to split into small pieces to clean.

It can be marinated. We stir fry with vegetables and either put over rice with Chinese veggies, scallions, sesame oil, seeds and soy sauce
Or- with onions, peppers, garlic, olive oil over pasta.
It can actually be dropped in egg and breaded and baked.
We did split this between the 2 of us and will be eating for quite a while. It is able to be frozen and thawed.


So @Petals, since you have so much still left over, we’d be glad to help you eat it! When can we all come over for dinner? :grinning:


I really enjoyed this meal tonight after my run - wild alaskan sockeye salmon with a side of mushrooms on a bed of sauerkraut. Also added a big bowl of mixed greens and kale with homemade apple cider+avocado oil vinaigrette. Salmon was seasoned with some salt, pepper, herbes de provence and then cooked sous vide while I was out running. When I got back, I cooked the mushrooms and sauerkraut together in a wok with 2 tbsp of soy sauce and a little bit of avocado oil and I seared the skin of salmon on a hot skillet. Dessert was a 1 oz serving of Dubliner cheese. It came out really nice and flavorful, and I have leftovers for the next few days.


THAT :heart:


Looks fabulous! I’d probably have added some cabs if this was after a bike workout.


i really am starting to wonder about the differences in men and women. women would generally be seeking these carbs, men less so. its like protein does something different for a man regarding some primal satiety and we dont get this unless we have that bit of carbs. especially at certain times of the cycle. its interesting. as ever the gauge is your energy in the next training session.


Good point @cullenac!


Well, this was a great meal after my run on Monday. However, I used the same meal a few hours before the E. Lab Pick Up the Pace workout yesterday and I ran out of gas during the 3rd interval and final sprints - I was struggling to maintain near 70% FTP. So this meal worked as a recovery meal but it didn’t work for fueling an intense workout.


lessons learned are valuable! quick cook polenta is super fast, or buckwheat/ black rice noodles


No picture but the husband made these lentil walnut burgers last night and we had them on homemade whole wheat bread instead of buns with a side or baked turmeric sesame seed “fries.” So good! The burgers had a little crunch around the edges and the avocado dressing…yum yum yum! We did not have ours with cheese or onions like in the recipe picture. In addition to the avocado dressing, I had a little dijon mustard, a sliced up fresh-from-the-garden radish, some arugula/rocket, also from the garden, and a pile of alfalfa sprouts.


Liar! My body is not fibbing when it says it needs cookies!


@Coach_Ian. I’ll vouch for you regarding cookies as essential nutrients.


Beets always make it look like a murder scene. Beet and roasted aubergine are super high in antioxidants and also beet specific nitrates (the purple skin in the aubergine holds more antioxidant pigments than blueberries, the starchy bit of the aubergine is super for the gut as well as losing friends :joy: ).

The dressing is mayo cut with yogurt and Dijon mustard (fast option). So these two salads ( dads fresh lettuce and tomatoes and olive oil on the second ) provide a lot of goodness. I’m waiting for Garron to come home and cook the chicken. Low carbs tonight I’m on an easy day and trust me ate through enough last week and garron doesn’t feel he needs more above some snacks on home baked wholegrain bread he may have later . X
What’s on your plates?


No picture, but today (for lunch) I had a turkey burger (home made with just lean turkey and eggs) with a little melted parmesan cheese and for the “bun” I used hard-cooked polenta! I also had a bowl of mushrooms, peppers, carrots and arugula.