Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)



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I like it. Instant pot, then bike. I do the same for the date + other ingredient bars and freeze them.


Here is another favorite - potatoes with green beans and mushrooms, cooked green cabbage with 100% tomato sauce (I am addicted to tomato sauce), and 3 eggs.


some inspiration


love this ladies blog if you need some inspirations.

Tonight for dinner we had a black bean and tomato concoction i had in the freezer; it tasted great so i must have got something right. It also had carrots, celery, hot spices (and was made in the slow cooker i assume with lots left over) and we served it on edamame and mung bean pasta (high protein and fibre) and i had some spiralised carrot and sprouted sunflower seeds salad on the side. this is an example of a left overs dinner that was prepared/ reheated in a hurry!


I had pizza tonight. So ashamed.


ashamed? was it a french pizza, did you order in french? that makes it ok


It was not French pizza, but I did order it in French!


So when @Coach_Flo posts a photo of an awesome meal on facebook of spicy miso ramen; it prompted a spontaneous go at making it… this is what you are shooting for folks, spontaneity and going with what you have available to you

I found two probably not authentic but simple enough recipes; Jason pitch in!

with pork

and this vegan alternative

Ive gone really simple with what i have in my kitchen, miso, mirin, gf soya sauce, chili powder, onions, mushrooms, cabbage, garlic, buckwheat/ soba noodles and will toss an egg on later when having dinner (I am making this in my rest between sessions). I dont feel like meat tonight. Garron will probably have some steak on the side as he thrives on red meat and is training hard.



Oh yum! That vegan ramen recipe looks fantastic! Definitely going to have to give it a try. thanks for the link @cullenac!


I had pizza for dinner last night. Everything was homemade: purple cauliflower crust, tomato sauce, almond “cheese,” crumbled tempeh, corn, peas, bell peppers and kale. Yum.


wow look at all that goodness!! Stefanie do you get your ferritin and B12 checked annually to ensure that you are obtaining sufficient (even us meat eaters drop low). curious!


I do @cullenac. I take a B12 supplement since I don’t get that in my diet and I take an iron supplement just to make sure I get enough of that too. :grinning:


awesome, you know what you are doing. and do eat super healthily!! i love so many of the vegan and vegetarian recipes, but my body does need some meat. i do my best to balance it all.


Who has tried any of these wholegrain options? We had the black rice noodles last night and really liked them. Polenta is a regular. Teff and amaranth are a little trickier but can add well to rice or baking or even rice balls as they are sticky grains.


Not a fan of polenta. I am growing amaranth in my garden this year and look forward to harvesting it and trying it out. Much more fun (and work) than buying it in bulk from my natural foods co-op and the plants and flowers are really pretty. Have baked with teff flour before when making a gluten free treat that a coworker with celiacs could enjoy too but have not tried as a whole grain. I recently came across a teff porridge recipe that looked interesting so might have to try it sometime. Besides being black, how are black rice noodles different than regular rice noodles (which I do have from time to time)?


wow you are inspiring!!!

the black rice noodles would be higher in antioxidants. from the pigments. it is so pigmented that the water turns black (i almost wanted to check was it made somewhere dodgy where they added black shoe paint haha) .


Oh! I think I have seen this as “forbidden rice”! I think my co-op carries the rice in the bulk foods section. I will have to look out for it and give it a try. I just thought it was some new fad or something :slight_smile:

Here’s a photo of some amaranth growing in my garden a couple years ago. I did not have an efficient way to harvest the seeds at the time and it took hours to get less than half a cup so I gave up. I have since done my research and it will go so much better this time around. This year I am growing red and also a gold variety. Too early yet for flowers.


Wow thats awesome…I rarely make this at home…im always torn between rice noodles, the soba noodles or the traditional ramen which I feel ends up bring the worse choice of the 3 when ordering out. =(


Channeling my inner @cullenac and made steamed Keta salmon, cabbage, spinach, onion, artichoke saute in coconut oil, topped with tomatoes and roasted beets. I am also detoxing off of a regular coffee habit. Tapered down first but still have withdrawal headaches.