Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


Thank you!! Will give that a try!


you both may like this dressing also


yummy! thanks @cullenac


I have made this honey mustard dressing several times. Wow it is good. It goes on chicken, vegetables, anything.


I made it as well last weekend. Definitely a hit.


wow solid find!!!


There are some great rice and black bean options from TJ’s that we really enjoy and Ryland my 5 year old doesnt miss out on some of the classic like mac and cheese. al biet with grass fed butter and cheese from ireland!!!


I had to share my absolutely favourite breakfast in the whole world! I had this after my 2hr bike/25 min run workout. Homemade spelt bread topped with hummus and mashed avocados. Chilli sauce, egg with rocket and mushrooms. It is sooooo good!


wow that hits a lot of boxes as well as taste buds. you did eat before your long session also?


Hi Andrea - yes I had oatmeal. 2 breakfasts in one day, what could be better?


I shouldn’t worry…you know what to do!!


Here is another dinner- Brussel sprouts with sun dried tomatoes, guacamole, mashed potatoes, red cabbage/beet salad, chicken

And here is my favorite snack: apples with cinnamon, whey protein/almond butter “dip” (just mix whey powder with almond butter and a little water)


Some great veggie noodle items to try out to get more veggies in you diet. Give them a try. Easy way to try without all the prep to see if you like it.


This was our dinner: Pita Pizza! It’s surprisingly filling. It’s just a pita with chopped plum tomatoes, fresh basil & garlic, olive oil and then cook at 400 F for 8 min then add cheese and cook for 2 min more.

Sometimes we’ll have a salad with it, but we had a big lunch and weren’t hungry enough.


I’m definitely going to try this snack! Thank you.


yummy! Also the bean pastas like edamame and mung bean can add a lot of protein and fibre to the meal when you want to up these and drop the carbs. but to be honest they taste delicious


Ah Theia; great minds :slight_smile: only i mix the following and it looks like baby food but i love it, either thick greek yogurt or cottage cheese and some protein (currently vega sport vegan protein), and nut butter optional cinnamon… its yummy. or sometimes cottage cheese and nut butter… my fave is cashew nut butter. great snack!!


I havent had cheese in forever and G was having pizza for his birthday so i made a pizza on quinoa and chia wrap. YUM . we both had salad on the side. its always a good idea to try and make every meal even when it is an indulgence a little bit better

My base was a fiery chili red pesto making it even more divine. nom nom. that plate looks tiny, i had more than this!!


In reply to the original post in Jan - I don’t really qualify to even post…
I will say - I’m in awe of what I’m seeing posted here - kudos all round !

You are what you eat…


Hey, dont feel intimidated. you have access here to some great people full of support and tips and advice. none of us get things perfect all the time. everyone is just trying to do that little bit extra to make their plate support their body and training…if you dont feel up to sharing, then push us for tips :slight_smile: the reason for the thread is so that we can all nudge one another on with feedback, individual insights into food creations and how to get through a mega busy day and still eat well.