Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


I am giving this a try! Yummy


You guys will be proud of me. I had a salad, salmon, and cous cous for dinner.

Ok, there was also wine…and maybe a donut for desert. But, hey, it’s a start. I also had a salad for lunch. Stop judging me @Michelle and @cullenac!


@Coach_Ian there’s no judging here - my food options are driven by allergies rather than choice… if my stomach behaved normally I’d be right there with you on the donuts and ice cream :yum: The one saving grace is we have a few pretty decent options of GF beer here in the UK :beer: so there is still a little joy to be had


Make a “healthy-ish” bunny carrot cake for lunch as family coming over. I used a lower sugar recipe this time, and happy with the results. I also made a coleslaw and a rice/pea/pumpkin seed salad, both with a mint dressing. Protein is a choice of hamburgers or salmon burgers.



I am having Chipotle for Easter dinner. It’s probably a little less healthy than your cake.


so how is everyones diets going? Did you have a listen to our latest podcast on coaches corner regarding getting the diet all tweaked up and back on track?
sorry for silence on the forum i am finding the black screen a bit challenging to engage with! keep the meal ideas coming


Great tips on the podcast. Just was I needed to get back on track with my diet. I am very good at planning, but don’t execute. The groceries get planned and into the refrigerator or freezer and then don’t get prep’d and cooked. I liked the suggestion to loose a little weight by reducing the fat. And if have a treat, plan it around a workout.

I am changing a few things:

  • Stick to the outer isles of the grocery store.
  • Simplify. Get back to buying pre-cooked chicken and shread for the week. Prep the vegetables so can plop them on a cookie sheet and roast.
  • Try better choices for evening munchies. I started roasting pumpkin seeds to munch on. Otherwise, I will go for popcorn with butter and brewers yeast flakes (confess last night). The brewers yeast tastes nutty, but needs something like butter to stick to.


@cullenac I changed my settings Theme to remove the black background.


Dinner tonight will include rhubarb sauce (just rhubarb and a little water). I am suppose to bring a topping for ice cream. I thought this would counteract the high sugar content of the ice cream.
IMG_2800 IMG_2801


So, how is everyones nutrition coming along?
in my world i set little goals often, for myself and for clients about how to stretch the progress in a continual line of improvements.

we are in 7 week (i think) countdown to Austria ironman in this house. i am working hard on my nutrition to support on the side lines! well actually what garron does is mostly based on what i cook so things are running tight in the house currently.
Lots of veg, in colourful stir-fries, roasted veg and mixed salads, lean protein (meats, eggs, fish, canned salmon/ sardines and occasional beans or lentils). the slow cooker is often used for a big roast or slow cooked cut for convenience and several protein portions. carbs are mostly from polenta, rice, sweet potato or regular potato. Soba noodles and brown rice pasta and mung bean pasta also. there is a bit of bread or pita going on in there also and my home baked gluten free vegetable breads. no alcohol, no cappuchinos and no nut butters as G was a devil for them so nuts and seeds are whole now mixed with dried fruit and coconut flakes. no need for treat meals as the meals are all tasty. we enjoy saturday brunch after long runs but this is also a very healthy meal based around eggs and salad and maybe home made pancakes, home-made bread or home-made pita.
everything is fresh and unprocessed.

our macro proportions are interestingly a little different. even though i do lower volume training i am slightly higher carb than garron who is a protein dominant thriver. but for once he is listening to me and dropping protein portions a little in favour of carbs to support high intensity less total volume weeks compared to previous years (he isnt as serious about it all this year; the goal is more balance. no Kona this year).

so share your progress.

TIP lots of greens and beets raise nitrates, this helps training (endurance and high end). lots of dark greens and organ meats or fermented soya help vitamin K great for bones.
seeds like soaked chia and flax are great for hormone balance for the ladies and the lads.

keep working on it troops.


Is there a big difference in soaked chia vs dry chia seeds? I just sprinkled some on a salad I had for lunch today, didn’t think to soak them beforehand.


I have gotten off the band wagon and now inspired again after reading @cullenac’s post. I ate a lot of nut butters tonight. I recently checked out a book called “The Engine 2 Cookbook” hoping this would inspire to find easy recipes to eat better.

I made the Rye Crisp, but did not roll the dough out thin enough. I also made the BBQ Eggplant rounds where I brushed Bone Suckin’ barbecue sauce on the rounds before baking. The sauce had a lot of honey. I tried a whole grain bread in the bread maker that failed.

What is working - I confess that I do like beets (!). I buy them roasted from the deli and can easily eat all of the container. I buy pre-cooked chicken and shred for the week. Almost every morning I will make a smoothie and throw in greens and other vegetables into the blender with frozen berries. Right now I have kale that survived the winter in the garden. Odd though as it tastes bitter.

What is baked gluten free vegetable breads?