Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


Still trying to dial in my post-workout rice porridge. Good combination of almond milk, rice, fruits and nuts. Pinch of salt and cinnamon in there for good measure.


Great recipe! I’ll have to make this, this weekend! I’ll report back.


I am back to light training… yayayay. after 7 weeks of not being able to do anything and i can barely move after the gentlest of squats in day 1 and 2 yesterday and todays session. Because activity is low for the next while and easy (but progress i am reminding myself) currently plotting ways to eat higher protein breakfasts and lunches to restore lost muscle. so little things like canned fish, mince (quick - toss into soup or salad for the warmer climates), making extra portions of meat/ fish/ chicken at dinner etc. Eggs and protein shakes. just until the intensity comes back and then i will need more carbs. I am not low carb… i like them too much… just a bit more protein and veg is the focus.

keep up the good work everyone!


Used the recipe @cullenac posted a while ago to make a batch of protein bars ahead of my Sportive this weekend; they taste great and I had to try a 2nd just to make extra sure :wink:


And tonight I made first attempt at using jack fruit - not the prettiest plate of food but tasted great (jack fruit and mixed beans with a homemade paprika, herbs and veggie stock served with baked sweet potato)


Wow, fancy! Interesting… jack fruit (as avocado) is traditionally prepared as a sweet dish/dessert in Brazil. I never thought about eating it any other way.


I made @Michelle’s bar recipe for pre workouts. I added about 3 scoops of protein powder and a few tablespoons of almond butter. I substituted a mystery flour for almond flour as I was out of almond flour. I had a small plastic bag of flour I wanted to use up. I think it may have been rye. The bars were a little dry with the addition and substitutions. They held up very well and are in the freezer (otherwise I will eat them all).


I’ve only ever seen it here in the UK as a savoury dish; usually the topping on a gf vegan pizza. I have tried avocado in a sweet dish before but can’t imagine using jack fruit… amazing how food is used and viewed differently across this amazing planet we live on


I think it’s the flour that makes them dry - my latest batch I used coconut flour and they are very crumbly… will stick with subbing the flour with nuts and seeds next time.


This is the clean side of the kitchen, lol.
I’m baking!
So much personal growth going on right now.


Ok, so if mine are kind of crumbly, what should I do for next time?


Did you add flour? Mine are crumbly if I add the flour so I’ve now used the quantities for extra seeds and chopped nuts


Yes. I used 1/2 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup coconut flour.
I’ve stuck the whole thing in the freezer for now. I think I might have got at it too early.


I find that things that are helpful to bind are protein powder (whey or vegan; these are very different to work with whey makes things more watery, vegan dries it), egg whites, nut butters, i used to often blitz coconut milk with a banana as the wet ingredients and this also binded nicely.

have a play around with one or two changes and you may have a stickier result. ill bet they tasted great all the same!!


Yes, and I’m glad you are speaking about them in the past tense: they are no longer with us :frowning:




Have been super hungry today after yesterday’s Sportive; have tried to be restrained but decided to ‘treat’ myself for dinner

Steak with stir fried veggies followed by avocado chocolate mousse


that still looks super healthy!!!


Fueling up for The ODZENTURY.
Potatoes, kale, onions, broccoli and bangers. Local, smoked ale.


This stuff is also bloody brilliant. “Living” mustard!