Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


I didn’t take a picture of it, but I had chicken strips and a side of mac and cheese for dinner yesterday at 4 PM. It was in a bar as I typed a paper. Don’t judge me. It’s not as sad as it sounds.


If there was no beer, I’m judging.


There was one beer.


You have my blessing :wink:


Easiest way to share this! Honestly it’s hard not create tasty soups!


I recently took an instant pot cooking class at my local co-op. Here is the list of recipe links provided at the class. If I try any of the recipes in the links and like, I will post the dinner. by Laura Pazzaglia. Great text and videos for both standard and electric models. Excellent timing charts. The author of the definitive Cooking Under Pressure, Lorna Sass, has carefully researched and written recipes, and very clear guidelines.

Jeffrey Eisner of This guy likes gadgets and tinkering. Jill Nussnow’s vegan pressure cooking, pretty much the best on the Interwebs. by Urvashi Pitre. If you love calculations and diagrams, this is for you. Also delicious Indian food has been made in pressure cookers for years, all the tips and tricks are here. (link provided at the class and the link is bad)


Oh this is so timely! I recently got an instant pot and needed some recipes!! Thanks for sharing.


Ah you instant pot people. I much prefer the old fashioned slow cooker. The library was closed yesterday because of the weather (it was -27 with a windchill of -53 at 6 in the morning). My husband got out the crock pot and made “what’s in the fridge?” soup, added herbs and spices and set it to cook on low all day. Oh the house smelled so good! It had tofu, miso, mushrooms, carrots, potato, onions, and broccoli. Yum.


Yesterday I tried a new simple recipe. I put some chicken breasts in the Instant Pot and slow cooked (no pressure) the chicken for 4 hours with ~1 cup of vegetable broth. Then, I shredded the chicken. I have a glass lid for the Instant Pot that I like. I have enough shredded chicken to last multiple days.

The meal was the chicken, a sweet potato, and a sauce. The sauce was a blend of lemon juice, orange juice, cashews, garlic, cauliflower, and water. The sauce was ok. Not that wonderful.


Here are a few Instant Pot (IP) notes from the class. The instructor seemed concerned about canning using the Instant Pot and use of liquor.

  • All press cooking lids have ELASTIC RINGS. It is a GOOD IDEA TO REPLACE THE RING every 18 months.

  • Standard pressure cookers have a higher PSI than electrics like the IP. This means if you are using a standard pressure cooker recipe, YOU’LL NEED TO ADD 5 to 7 MINUTES TO YOUR ELECTRIC’s COOKING TIME IF USING A MANUAL SETTING. One way to avoid the calculation fuss is to use the pre-set buttons on your electric cooker, or use a recipe that is written specifically for an electric.

  • WHEN COOKING BEANS< RICE AND GRAINS< DO NOT FILL MORE THAN HALF FULL. Overfilling can cause the moisture in the cooker to bible up through the release valve and create a giant foamy mess. If you are combining an absorbent item with a non-absorbent one (like chili con carne), you can go for the two-thirds rule safely.

  • START SMALL, then tackle larger projects. Cook with tested recipes first before you convert non-pressue-cooker recipes.

  • Though you can do low-water pressure canning in your pressure cooker, YOU WANT TO STICK TO HIGH-ACID CANNING. This includes your standard items like raspberry jam and pickles. Canning items like tuna and fresh vegetables and other goodies w/o a pickling agent/lots of acid is NOT recommended by USDA, regardless of what your grandpa says. AVOID LOW ACID CANNING in any kind of vessel other than an actual electric canner.

  • Always follow a tested, verified recipe for your canning adventures, whether you’re high or low-acid canning. YOUR BEST BET IS TO USE A BOOK OR SITE PRODUCED BY AN ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY OR COOKING SCHOOL, and search out publications authored by or citing the USDA or agricultural programs like Washington State University Extention’s agriculture program.

  • Do not cook LIQUOR UNDER PRESSURE. It is a fire hazard or extremely dangerous.


That’s it! I am breaking my Instant Pot out of its box this weekend!!! Thanks for all the info!!


Not dinner but found some time to bake some granola bars today - now I need to be disciplined and not eat them all in one day!

I also used the same recipe to make a batch of granola for breakfast




I used maple syrup rather than honey. I didn’t include the almond flour or choc chips in mine - used the quantities to include chopped mixed nuts, chia seeds and dried coconut.
I also replaced the cranberries with dried mixed fruit.

Cover a baking tin with parchment paper, press the mixture firmly into the tin then bake at 350f for 20-25 mins. Leave to cool, chop into bars and then put in a padlocked container or you’ll eat them all at once


Thanks, Michelle!


lots of possibilities with this recipe if you dont have the exact ingredients and the addition of some form of protein if you wanted to add this (e.g. vegan protein, whey protein, even a bittzed block of tofu i am sure would work!).


Maybe egg whites too?


i dont see why not! proteins like this help make it sticky and bind together when cooking.


That looks really good.


It was, in fact it was a little too good and it was gone very quickly :woozy_face: