Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


Last night I made homemade Mu Shu Pork (including the Chinese pancakes). Pretty healthy meal consisting of pork tenderloin, eggs, cabbage, bamboo shoots.


That looks amazing!!!


Tonite is a swim practice night so dinner is always less involved. My wife is making a lemon chicken and orzo soup. Always great on a cold day!

Tuesday I’ll be making a Thai chicken and noodle stir fry.


Dinner: chicken, orzo and zucchini soup.


looks delicious


Tonight was supposed to be Thai Chichen Noodle Stir Fry but my father in law has offered to make us a Tofu stir fry instead. He used to own and run a Chinese restaurant so his meal will certainly be better than the one I would make!


amazing looking.


So my father in law makes amazing Chinese. We had steak and tomato stir fry, shrimp and lobster sauce and a tofu stir fry.


You’re on a roll here, Mitch!


Tomorrow night will a challenge. Swim practice for my daughter after work and no time for meal prep…


You are so lucky!!!


Hilarious i was just about to write the same… @MitchD is starting to trump @Stefanie (ok confession i used to get team players competing with one another re cooking to raise the game - with hilarious consequences).


Tonite I have a cocktail hour to go to and after I’m going home to make Pad See Ew. I’ll definitely share…the photos that is. LOL.


The Arctic cold front drifting into Minnesota required soup for dinner tonight. Slow cooked all day in the crock pot. Split peas with carrots, onion, potato, spinach, and herbs and spices. Sprinkled in a little bit of crumbled dulse seaweed to make sure I get iodine since we only use sea salt at my house. Also had a small slice of homemade multigrain whole wheat bread on the side.


I’m a huge split pea soup fan! Love it. I see your soup and raise you some Pad See Ew.


When are we coming for dinner? Your food looks so yummy .


Lest you think I’ve completely turned a new leaf and have cleaned up my diet, I present to you today’s dinner. Long stressful day, too little sleep. This is my coping method. Detroit Coney Dogs and Chili Fries. I did have a Greek salad to make it healthy.


Mitch you are human and making it real here with this post which is important and you know what adding that Greek salad did make a massive difference lest you think it was a weak effect at dinner. it means your body got what it needed and you have resilience nutritionally built up from the previous meals and feck it; sometimes we make less good choices, but its not a BAD choice and you arent bad… its life. and heck maybe this meal tasted great and worked emotional wonders after a long day. beating up on yourself would be the worst option, thanks for sharing this.


well said @cullenac!!


We had sloppy Joes last night :yum: Green lentils, tomato sauce, onion, carrots, spinach, garlic, herbs and spices on a whole wheat bun. We had homemade sweet potato chips on the side (oil-free, made in the microwave).