Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)




I only used beets, carrot, onion and stock so I’m not sure this would count as borscht BUT it was super tasty.


I think there is a lot of diversity in the recipes. I have had some that looks just like yours but with a dollop of sour cream in it. I have also had one that had big pieces of cabbage, carrots, and beef in it. Regardless, yours looks perfect for the day I’m looking at today: 1 degree and rainy.


beets must be in the airwaves today

Beet, black lentil and potato curry.

It deserved a second serving so that says it all. I has this prepped and on in the crockpot in fifteen minutes. Easy peasy.

Onions, garlic, ginger, beets, potato, grated carrot, massaman curry paste, lots of stock, coconut milk ( only 1 can ), turmeric. Simmer for two hours. Add some finely chopped kale before serving.


UBUD Curry. I’ve made lots of it.


Today’s dinner: arugula salad with quinoa, salmon.


Beets. :face_vomiting:


here’s two for you



Today I decided to treat myself with some homemade gluten free, dairy free brownies made with coconut sugar… first batch was a disaster! But second batch got the seal of approval :grin:


drooling here


I am going through files on my PC and found this. Jerry sent it to me all proud of himself when i was working with the Munster rugby team back in 2004 to 2009.

Jerry was a hard working rugby player that quote “had to eat such a lot it made him tired from eating LOL” i wish we all had that problem. Anyhow… he was a diligent student and reaped the rewards as sports success at international rugby and now he is a coach with the Munster team where he hit big.

here is his protein bar recipe.

These lads were hard working messers; as you can see here.


I’m going to give the protein bars a go but will have to replace milk with almond milk and I’ve just taken delivery of some liquid cacao buttons I’m keen to try… no microwave in our house so a pan on the stove will be employed.


lets raise this thread from the dead now we are into Jan and all motivated again!

in our house we tighten things up on nutrition after enjoying Christmas with healthy warming meals like home-made soups and broths and casseroles PACKED with veggies. we just do more of the good stuff and watch the portion of protein, fat or carbos depending on what we need on the day. if i have time i may make the odd juice but i find soups more time and cost effective so mostly focus on those. i freeze extra. I also make bone broths when i can and freeze this for soups and casseroles.

We dont go all nuts on spending mad amounts on fad health foods, but invest in the basics of good quality veg and meats and fish, buying from the local veg, fish or butcher man

I will have a few vegetarian meals as this works for me. I like bean and tofu dishes.

Dairy hasnt worked for me lately so i have been experimenting with coconut yogurt. it is scandalous price in the stores so i have been making coconut milk (thick, from the can), in the crockpot with probiotic capsules and to thicken i will blend in some heated gelatin and leave on low heat for a few hours and then leave to cool. the gelatin usually thickens it well and adds some gut and joint supporting nutrition. I would not wage money on their being a high probiotic count, but it has me off the dairy and my health is benefitting from this. @Michelle may interest you.

we are going to talk more tips on coaches corner this week :slight_smile:

post your dinner folks!!


I think my partner Hannah has finally started to come round to my way of thinking about healthy meals - today she created a mega pot of veg chilli (grated carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, peppers, sweet corn, black beans, kidney beans, tomatoes, smoked salt, chipotle and ancho chillies). It was super tasty and we now have about 10 portions left for the freezer :grin:


Oh yum! Can I come over? :yum:


I’ll share two dinners…

This was wild salmon with crushed cashew, Bok choy, and cauliflowerr “gnocchi”

This one was a little eaten already when I took the picture- chicken skewers with guacamole, roasted sweet potatoes (which I manage to burn every single time), and roasted veggies.


Here was last night - sushi for the family!


oh man, that looks GOOD!!!


How do you make the gnocchi, they look gooey yummy! awesome plates Theia


amazing!! so lovely to see two benefit from the effort now also.