Share your dinner (plus comments from our favorite Nutritionist)


OK, here is a wee challenge to also open up some prompts for variety as we all get guilty of getting stuck in a rut.

so, share a dinner that you have this week… it should be your basic, quick and easy healthy meal and if i can give some tips to make it better i will if you like. lets get sharing some ideas…

for example. today this was our dinner. i actually made the curry yesterday and there was plenty for two days and the salad was fresh tonight. we often prep meals this way to make when we do spent the time cooking, count. we dont have curry that often! usually it is vegetables and meat/ fish and some roots. so this was slightly different and very tasty.

to put this in training-recovery perspective. yesterday was the 2 hour SST, today was a recovery run (nothing mad, half an hour) and 1900m swim with speed work. a fun workout. My boyfriend who does full IM had a 2 hour run today and yesterday a 4 hour bike.

Beef and red lentil curry with hearty salad of textures.

Curry was cooked in the slow cooker at 110 for 2 hours after sauteeing the basic ingredients. it then cooked itself. red onion, garlic, ginger, massaman curry paste, red lentils, aubergine cut into cubes, stewing beef (not much), canned tomatoes, coconut milk. (so this meal has protein, vegetarian protein, healthy fats, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory support. FYI aubergine with the skin on is mega high in anthocyanidins).

salad: roasted sweet potatoes in small cubes, roasted asparagus, fresh rocket (arugula) leaves, shredded red cabbage, toasted pumpkin seeds (and some rice vinegar), some giant sultanas (taste yummy in salad and add some carbs), lime juice and spanish extra virgin olive oil.

balanced meal with protein, carbs, healthy fats, ample veggies and mega antioxidants from the deep purple, green and orange pigments… this meal was thrown together with no pre planning only do something with what you have attitude.

over to you :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ll bite :grinning:

Tonight’s dinner: lettuce, kale, celery, carrots, broccoli sprouts, red quinoa, spicy roasted chickpeas (cumin, garlic, paprika, ginger, coriander) and a “queso” dressing made from cashews, nutritional yeast and spices the husband couldn’t remember.


This is amazing. So nutritious and whammers packed with live nutrition. Its quite a summer type meal does your body feel warm enough on this in the winter? Do you find on occasion you need to add more ‘root’ energy for grounding (completely non-science term!!), or energy for fuelling or recovering? super impressive!! :heart:


This was our meal last night! Instant pot chicken tika masala over brown rice, green salad and steamed green beans. (onion, yellow pepper, chicken breasts, spices, diced tomatoes, coconut milk)

Your dish sounds yummy! I’m not familiar with Aubergine. Something I need to try out!


Yes, I actually crave greens and food like this in winter. I crave the root veg in fall when it starts to get cold but when the deep freeze settles into Minnesota and everything is covered in snow and shades of grey, meals like this give me a mental uplift. That said, there is potato onion soup simmering in the slow cooker for dinner tonight (protein TBD) and several nights last week we had lentil beet stew. Dinner Friday night was buckwheat noodles and spinach with a sauce made from winter squash with tempeh crumbled on top. :slight_smile:


I love green beans especially in summer fresh picked from the garden! You might know aubergine as eggplant :slight_smile:


Haha…eggplant?! I have definitely heard of that. :smile:


sorry haha… you say arugula i say rocket, you say cilantro i say coriander, you say eggoplant i say aubergine…thank god a potato is a potato and a tomato is a tomato :slight_smile:


My dinner today… forgot to take a picture:

Salad of: cold brown rice, green cabbage salad (green cabbage, scallions, green onions, sesame seeds, apple vinegar and a touch of honey), 3 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 avocado.


I didn’t take a picture either. It was a chicken burrito with organic refried beans, lettuce, avocado, cilantro, jack cheese, and some habanero salsa. It was awesome! I won’t comment on yesterday’s dinner. Oh, I had just run 8.5 miles prior to eating dinner, so I was starving.


Dinner tonight - One date/pumpkin butter/coconut bar from the freezer. Started broccoli in the instant pot. Biked zone 2 for 1 hour. After biking, took the warm broccoli out of the pot. Filled 1/2 plate with warm broccoli and about 4 oz cooked plain chicken from refrigerator. I would have had some rice or yam, but did not make any.


Keep sharing if it prompts ideas! Some really strong meals folks. Awesome.

Tonight I made a salad. I like to use lots of textures to.keep it interesting. I don’t really plan it in advance. Roasted cauliflower tonight with some chopped cauliflower leaves instead of cabbage ( why not ), spinach, raisins, pumpkin seeds, red cabbage and a few left over rocket leaves. Dressed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

This will be served with mixed fish stir-fried ( fresh from fish monger I think there are some spices in there too).

Beside is an "experiment ". Fruit bread with grated carrots, sultanas, cinnamon, ginger, ground coriander, fennel seeds, baking powder, gluten free oats, pinhead oats, soya flour, some psyllium to bind, Greek yogurt and water ( I had no eggs normally I toss an egg in instead of yogurt)…fingers crossed it worked. They normally do bread can be played about with to make it super healthy.


Didn’t get a picture, but dinner last night was a tofu scramble with onion, garlic, sweet potato, spinach, some nutritional yeast and a bit of tamari. There was also a piece of homemade whole wheat bread toasted with some homemade sunflower butter.

I love tofu scramble for dinner because that means for lunch today I get the leftovers wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with alfalfa sprouts and a bit of mustard and an apple and carrots on the side. :grinning:


I’ll play. Last night was a business dinner. Typically I will get a nice steak, but trying to be a bit more healthy. Had Sautéed Sea Scallops on Lobster Mashed Potatoes. Appetizer was crab cakes and cabbage slaw, asparagus, green beans, tuna tartare and avocados, and a cheese plate. I failed when dessert arrived. Kept alcohol moderate as well. I’m assuming I saved a ton of calories avoiding the 16oz steak.

Monday night we ate out and I had spinach stuffed chicken breast with rice and a salad.


I do love steak Mitch. It’s a powerhouse of nutrition served with veggies and maybe a root veg…the key is the portion. One to.Max two palm size. Dressings and sauces are where we tend to get caught ( With all meals) . Good work making changes to introduce variety.


Yes - portion control is my biggest problem. Father of three daughters results in me helping finish meals so we have less waste.


haha i cannot imagine!! Garron finishes all mine and he only has to deal with me! our mothers saying clean the plate didnt help us as we now feel we must eat everything. but i guess we dont.


It doesn’t help that we are lousy at eating up leftovers.


Italian sausage soup with tortellini and spinach leaves for dinner.


Yummy, looks amazing