Setting some personal goals for 2019 - share yours!


@Joan. Omg!! My husband was just taking about the Texas 100 mile ride also- too funny!!


Here are my main goals in 2019:

  • Race another season of CX and learn some more! Yeah!! This year I will be in the Cat 3/4 field and I plan to spend more time practicing skills and bike handling before the season starts. Last year I just threw myself in with little practice.

  • Participate in road races again this year, including the ABR and USAC IL State Championships. No crits.

  • Participate in gravel races - Rough Road 100, Barry Roubaix and possibly one more.

  • Continue to progress with training


@Joan Good luck with your goals. What ride are you doing in Oregon? I go to Central Oregon several times a year and like to road and mountain bike while in Oregon.


We are riding in the Cascades. Several from our local group are going on a multi-day ride.