Saddle - when to replace it?

Most of my outdoor rides are over 2 hours long-

On my mountain bike, I have a wtb deva thin line saddle (not made anymore :frowning: ). I have a terry flx (non gel) saddle on my cross / gravel bike. Both have short “noses” and not a lot of padding (terry has more but not a whole bunch). I like less padding as there is less rubbing and irritation especially as the more padded saddles compress and wear over time. You sit much more upright on a mtb, so I’m not sure I would use a mtb saddle on road bike. I also like short nose saddles for off road and gravel as I am on and off my seat a lot for climbing and jumping over rocks, roots, logs and cross obstacles.

My New Trek Domane SL7 came with the Bontrager Ajna. Not a lot of padding, has cut out and short nose. Just got it, so I’m giving it a chance.

On my trainer bike, I am always switching out saddles- presently have a selle anatomica X2 on it. The selle anatomica is very comfortable for long endurance rides- you can change tension on saddle. Not the lightest, but its on my trainer. I’m a total gear head, so I am always changing things around.

I used to use selle italia lady gel flow saddles with no issues. I have worn them down pretty badly. I keep them for emergency use. I break a saddle once a year or so on my mtb.

Not all my saddles are set up for the same height and reach, based on the type of riding I do. I do set them all from my road bike fitting (sit bones to reach on handle bars) and tweak from there. My road saddle is almost a neutral setting while my cross and mtb set with nose tipped slightly down. (it is a trick I learned in mtb. It helps when climbing steep hills you are angled to keep some weight on the back tire when you are leaned over the handlebars (known in women’s mtbiking as “keep your boobs over the bars”). It helps keep back tire down and leaning over front handlebars keeps front tire from lifting. Works on gravel hills too.

Don’t tip too far down or you will put too much pressure on your arms and you will constantly be pushing yourself back on your seat.

I have the Ajna on my road bike too! I’ve been riding on it for a year. I really like it :slight_smile:

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My favorite saddle is the Selle Italia diva gel flow. Super durable and comfortable.

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Ladies- looks like your saddles have a long nose… is that right? Doesn’t that bother you when you ride in a more aero/aggressive position?

Ajna has a couple different nose lengths, I think mine is kind of in the middle, not long but not short. I have had not troubles with it at all.

The only one with a relatively long front is the selle anatomica. Being a full leather saddle with no padding, it doesn’t place a lot of pressure up front. You sit in , more than on. Kind of like a cradle. The others aren’t that long up front. I have found that less padding has less pressure points and rubbing. I also make sure that I am on my sit bones. Tilting the saddle just a few millimeters can make a world of difference.

When I was racing triathlons I changed the adamo saddle (which I hated although many people love it) with the selle Italia diva and even in full aero position for long rides I never felt that the nose was too long. Hope you find a saddle that works well for you!

Thanks All. The Adamo is killing me!

Hi Theia,

I didn’t like the adamo either. Mine is the selle smp light 209. It is the best saddle I’ve ever used and I’ve put a lot of kms on it. It looks like a long nose but it’s curved and you sit in it. It helps to rock your pelvis to the right position. It’s also narrower than the adamo so I never feel the nose at all.

I hope you find one you like.

Thanks Lindsy!