Ride Ideas for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day


Feel like doing a funky ride to celebrate the New Year? Here are a few suggestions…

  • If you are riding outside: ride the distance in miles corresponding to the temperature in Fahrenheit. If it is a warm day- let’s say 70F- you will get in a nice long 70 mile ride while enjoying the weather. If it is cold, your ride will be shorter but still sweet.

  • Do intervals corresponding to the date. So for example, on 12/31/18, do intervals of 12, 31 and 18 minutes then ride freely for the remainder of the time. For 1/1/19, do intervals of 1,1, and 19 minutes in duration then ride freely for the remainder of the time. Do the short (1 min) intervals at VO2, maybe trying for a new PR. The longer intervals could be over/unders (alternating 1 min at 85%, 1 min at 95%, etc.) or a medium to long climb.

Any other ideas for a fun ride?


Oh, what about one minute VO2 and one minute rest 19 times?

And could 12/31/18 be a progression? Like zone 3 to 4 to 5?


Stefanie- you’re hired! :sunglasses: yes that works too


Woo hoo! And for the record, I can’t believe I suggested 19 VO2 intervals and think it sounds like fun. What is the lab doing to me? I think I may have developed Stockholm Syndrome or something :rofl:


Stefanie, shouldn’t it be 2019 intervals? I mean, if you are going to go big, you might as well go crazy!



I don’t think I’d ever be able to walk again if I even made an attempt at that!


If I rode outside, would I have to do it backwards to allow for the negative temps?

My birthday is a few days after; Zwift sent me a birthday suggestion, which was to ride a mile (or km–can’t remember which) for every year I’ve been alive.


That will take you all day. bwahahaha


^^this is abusive^^


…and I’ll be using it as motivation in the next Goats and Bears


@Petals and I didn’t manage a New Year’s Eve workout because she had the chance to ride outdoors. But New Year’s Day, we smashed a 1/1/19 VO2 workout! We did a one minute on one off set of six, had a five minute rest, did a set of seven, rested five minutes, and then finished off with another set of six.

First time I have ever tried to do a workout outside of workout mode. We chose the London Classique course. I never did figure out the gearing/cadence to keep the watts steady on the little climb so each time it was all over the place. Pretty pleased with how it went overall though . I guess this mean next New Year’s Day it will be 1/1/20 :grinning:


@Stefanie and I did manage to do the 19 x 1 minute VO2 intervals. Stephanie’s job was 10 second countdowns. I was team photographer. Thank you @Coach_Theia for the great idea. Happy New Year!


YEAH!!! Love that you two did this together and had the chance to do it outside of workout mode… which provides for that “real world” terrain when training (just like outdoors). I am impressed!!


@Stefanie. My word sister!!! Are you crazy??? WAIT - don’t answer that :rofl:


We’ve been well coached! More importantly, we are both taking a recovery day on Wednesday.
That means we are actually starting to follow directions too!


You left out the “for now” part after the bit about starting to follow directions @Petals :rofl:


Just as I was starting to keep my hopes up @Stefanie! :sob::rofl: