Re watts up with power


Good day,

I want to apologize for not sticking with the leader. I decided to join at the last minute and hadn’t even found out how to link up Discord so couldn’t follow your instructions. It also looked like most of the riders taking part, weren’t listening either as most of them were ahead of me.

I will find out about Discord and will join in again soon.

Thank you for offering this training program!

Happy cycling

Riekje van Schie
South Africa

PS I am still very new to zwift and joining in events. Love it and am totally addicted😄



Thanks for reaching out, and we are glad you joined the ride!

No worries about not knowing the pace of the ride, it happens and we don’t get too upset about it. You can read more about this specific ride on our website as well as find all the recordings of previous episodes.

We have several folks who join in on episode in various ways, so if the 1.5-1.8 w/kg pace doesn’t suit your needs that day, but you still want to watch/listen you can totally just ride out on zwift however you want (don’t need to enter the event) and then listen in on discord, or watch the live video on FaceBook, YouTube, Twitch, or Mixer.

We hope to see you again! RideOn.