Racing as training, what to eat before events, and more! Join the discussion!


Topics covered during the ride were as follows. Post your comments or questions below!

  • Feeling fatigued even after easy rides and recovery weeks (at 7 min)
  • Racing as training - is it a good idea? (at 21 min)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of group rides (at 30 min)
  • When and what to eat before a race (at 39 min) and a ride (50 min)
  • Finding Zwift rides that you can keep up with/new to Zwift (at 44 min)
  • How to balance life, work, and training (54 min)

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REALLY enjoyed that dynamic coaching banter, @Coach_Theia and @Coach_Ian! Was that the first time of that format? Time flew by and always good advice!


Thanks for the feedback- yes, this was the first and we got a lot of positive feedback, so will be doing more in this format!