Race preparation


Hello and Happy New Year!
My early season race is 16 weeks away. What are your thoughts about a time line for building up to this race?
It’s a 70 km “classic” style event: gravel and paved roads, rail trail, farm lanes and fields, single track, mud, you name it.
Thanks in advance.


Happy New Year!
I too, have Rasputista gravel race in Vermont in about 16 weeks. The good news is its early in the season for everyone. I did Rasputista last year & had started the endurance lab last January. I had the endurance to finish the race which was my goal as I did 4300ft of climbing and 43 miles on a dual suspension mt bike.
I think knowing how to taper the week before is important and being realistic with what your goal is for a race that early in the season.


@MarcnotMatt, I think that you are good with a 12-week build provided that you have a good base built up. You have some double entries in TP, so it’s tough to tell exactly where you are right now. It looks like you have been doing some good work, though, so I think you are starting in a good place. The distance will be easy for you because you routinely do that on Sundays. Like @Petals our VO2 goddess said, the taper will be very important. You know that from other races, though.


I’ll clean that TP up. Those doubles are since I connected to Zwift


Yeah, it happens sometimes.


Sorted. Since the holidays started 10 days ago, I have been doing core and body weight exercises less frequently than before. I’ll get back to being more regular once I’m back at the school.


Let me give that some thought and get back to you @MarcnotMatt!




OK, so I agree with @Coach_Ian’s comments. It’s an event very early in the season, so you won’t be buiding like you would for an A event mid to later in the season. In addition, considering the type of event, you will be ready by following the next Lab’s plan where we bring the intensity up with Sweet Spot and VO2 workouts back on the schedule. Mid to late March is when we would do a taper for you, and we can help you adjust your schedule then.


Sounds good. What is the focus of the next Lab, and when does it begin?


Oh, and I’m psyched to get back to SST and VO2!


SST and a progressive transition to VO2! :sunglasses:

Starts on Jan 28!