Pre-Season Lab starts on January 28!


Join us for the Pre-Season Lab and build a strong foundation with progressive increase in volume and intensity as we move closer to Spring.

Link to sign up is below. Please let us know if you have any questions!


Sorry been very quiet through last lab, getting settled into new country. I am going to sign off labs, for coming weeks as it is outdoor season here in Dubai where temperatures are normal so going to enjoy that whilst I can and before it heads into 40 to 59 Celsius temps. Will start again late spring!


Hi Hannah! It’s nice to hear from you! Hope things are working out so far in Dubai. It’s not easy settling into a new country. Keep in touch and please share some cycling pics with us! I would love to include some of them on our site if you agree (here are the ones we have so far; still a few I need to uopload:


Absolutely, living is Dubai is good but certainly very different. Doing a 100K bike ride in desert this weekend so hopefully get some good pictures of bike ride to upload. Tend to go out early and get sunrise over sand dunes whilst riding so can be pretty special. I will prob sign back up in April/May time, really love these labs, give great structure to training indoors!


Alright everyone! I hope you are taking it easy this week, because next week we turn up the heat!! Yeah!!!


Hmm… a long week in the office (with 3 evening Zwift sessions to keep me sane) will now be followed by a weekend of sport (rugby tomorrow and a 100km club ride on Sunday) :see_no_evil:


Have fun Michelle! I will be bundled up indoors as it’s going to be about -14C with an even colder windchill. The Watopia jungle and volcano will be keeping me warm :grinning:


I won’t have access to my trainer/bike for 6 weeks so I won’t be joining the pre-season lab :frowning:
Hopefully I won’t lose too much cycling fitness but will work hard to get back in shape the following lab.
I’ll be in a ski adventure so send all the snow my way! First stop, Colorado then heading to Whistler and interior B.C.


Sounds exciting Covi! Enjoy! And I would not be doing my job if I did not recommend that you keep up with the core routine while you are away :wink: sneak in some plyos too- does not have to be a lot, but they do help with stimulating the cycling muscles. Have a wonderful trip!


Thanks Theia! Core has been part of my daily routine for a few months now and I will def keep it up! Plyos, not my fave as I get quite sore but will add a few exercises to my core/mobility routine :smile:


been a bit manic trying to do my annual event this month. that and an expensive pool holiday early march and the bonkers Tour of Sufferlandria in February, means I won’t really have any time to do a Lab (apart from maybe a fortnight in the middle which after ToS should all be resting anyways).
That’s enough for me to be going on with I think shoehorned into the 10% space in normal working life, so I will miss this one (for the first time i think).
Who was it said TSS isn’t just about cycling stress. They’re right.


Hey Martin!! Busy start of the year for you! Let us how the race went. I assume the thumb cooperated?


Well now.

That’s a looong story.
Better than expected
Recovery worse than expected

I think that means I worked hard

Toughest course anyone’s ever seen in the 14 years it’s run. Ice. Not snow and a bit of ice (which is physically hard work to climb through and occasionally dangerous) but just ice. Lot of casualties in lap 1. Including me.

Not really sure what to write here.

Thumb held up. Loads of google based strapping helped immensely.

It was amazing. It was only a week ago and it feels like a lifetime ago


Sounds even more epic than last year’s event. Glad it went better than expected. Congrats on completing it!